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  1. Hi! I go by Wist. I'm looking for one person, M or F, for a 1x1 role play.

    This is a little messy, I apologize! I will clean it up later. :)

    About me:

    I've been a role player for many, many years. I have lots of ideas and I love creating with others. I'm a bit of a lurker right now, but I check the site often.

    I tend to lean toward heavy description. Settings, feelings actions...I wanna know! As such, I write a fair bit in my posts, but am I flexible. I also like visuals, like pictures inserted into posts on occasion. Not a requirement, just a quirk of mine. :D

    I'm a mature writer. I don't have many taboos when it comes to writing. Everything in moderation. Romance is fine if it fades to black. Cursing is fine so long as it's not over board. Blood and gore is fine. Trigger subjects are fine if handled with taste. (Ask first. :) ) Because of this, PM is my preferred medium for role play.

    I play lots of characters all at once. I'll have a main, and then surround her or him with tons of other folks cause life, even fictional, doesn't happen in a vacuum.

    If you're interested please please drop me a convo, and we can get to chatting. :)

    The plots!

    Plot A <Fantasy, Medieval, Romance>

    King is away at war and has left the castle in charge of his feisty daughter/son and the more than capable castle guard. Meanwhile an old enemy resurfaces, bent on taking over the kingdom in the King's absence. But it won't be that easy for the enemy or for those defending the kingdom. The guard spirits the princess/prince out of the castle takes her/him to where they know she/he will be safe: the coastal lands, home to bandits, mercenaries and slavers. Counterproductive on the surface perhaps, but where coin speaks the loudest, a strong group can be raised to take the capital back from the enemy.

    I'll be playing a female and male character as mains.

    Your character(s) is up to you. You can be a guard, the princess/prince, the big bad enemy. All three? Toss a merc or two in there for good measure? Whatever you want to do. I'll adjust to your preference so we have a solid cast of characters.

    This can be romance but certainly doesn't need to be. Possible pairings will be discussed.

    Plot the second <Apocalypse, survival, modern fantasy, F survivor x M or F survivor>

    Extremely loosely based on Dragon Age:Inquisition in that it borrows the idea of inter-dimensional rifts being opened up and spewing out demonic monsters. No game knowledge is needed to do this plot.

    Plot would take place a few weeks after the rifts opened. Cities are crumbling, civilization is on the brink. There is a rumor of a safe haven near a lake, with a heavy military presence, and no nearby rifts. Yet.

    My characters would be a young female survivor heading to the safe haven with an older male who helped her get out of town.

    You can be...whomever you want. If you want to just put a modern spin on DA:I and be someone who can close the rifts, sweet. If you want to be a regular Joe or Jane Schmo, alrighty. A soldier in Haven? Whatever.

    I have a starter post for this.

    Plot the Last <Dragon Age:Inquisition, Cullen, or OC Templar x Inquisitor>

    Had an idea that never got off the ground of an AU taking place during the events of Redcliffe Castle.

    I was planning on playing a female Inquisitor and I have a starter post.
  2. I would love to do Plot A with you, perhaps playing as the Princess, and a Rogue character in the coastal city where they end up? I can PM you details if you're interested?
  3. I'm interested in either storyline, if available. Should I PM?
  4. Plot A is taken unfortunately. I'm so sorry! I should have updated the thread.

    The first plot is taken. Were you interested in one of the other two? I might be able to squeeze another in. :)
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  5. Yeah, the second sounds cool. I've never played Dragon Age but I can improvise if that works.
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