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  1. So, hello. I'm a "low-level" roleplayer and I'm looking for short games as elaborated descriptions aren't my forte. I have some ideas here.

    - Kuroinu
    An army of males of various races tries and achieves to conquest a nation ruled by women. As this army, various races of women exists in this nation (probably the very nation that the male general served and choose to betray because yes).
    I can do a half-alv girl or a male monster. No furry.

    - Touhou
    A normal week with Reisen (me) trading med with the Human Village and interacting with people and other canon characters.
    If Libertine, a good old tentacle monster will be prefered. No furry.

    - Pervy Little Sister
    Sometimes I have this idea of a girl sucking me off when I sleep to woke me up. Could be a part sister or a friend who likes to be called "little sister"? Or maybe a dream to drive me insane while the mastermind watches me from afar... I don't know. I'm scared.

    Those are all I can think of right now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.