Quick! Everythings on Fire!

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  1. If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab one item, what would it be?

    Something special to you? Maybe the most expensive thing you have? Possibly something that is irreplaceable?

  2. My cat!

    If she was doing fine on her own then it would be my computer. It's a Mac mini so it's small and portable. Stuff can be replaced, but a lot of my random creative work is on my computer and I'd be sad to loose all of that.
  3. Exactly the same only mines a macbook.
  4. My PC. I don't really need to carry my dog since I expect her to understand "fire bad" and to be smart enough to run away from said fire when given the chance.
  5. I have TWO cats! D:< Don't make me choose between them!

    Cats + Laptop. >>;
  6. [Gibs burns to death in an inferno watching Diana scoop up the cats and leave.]
  7. Cat's are not Items!

    Of course we would all save our precious animals over material stuff!
  8. Yeah, cats don't count as items. D: Gosh. Poor things are living beings. My cat would be smart enough to run away with me, anyway.

    I'd probably grab my computer. My gaming machine, not my laptop... That thing cost me hundreds of dollars and means so much to me, that I named it and call it my child. :|
  9. Fuck my computer, I need my guitar.
  10. Umm.... Either my Magic Cards, since replacing those can be a bitch, or my books, since I have a few older books. Video games can be rebought and rebeaten.

    Either that, or I'd take my dad's credit card and run. Then I can replace everything.
  11. I'd grab my lighter and anything else that could be link me to the fire.

    It's not like I can pick up a grown man and carry him out of the house! D:<
  13. Char. If he was somehow incapable of leaving. Otherwise it might be my laptop, it's the only thing I have any sentimental attachment too. I might grab that and some marshmallows and find a nice stick >D
  14. Anything that belongs to me that is or is on a sheet of paper. Paper is too precious for me to simply waste.
  15. The smart-ass answer would be "the fire-extinguisher"...

    *Lets that settle in for a moment*

    But barring that, I would most likely take the computer with me. It's the most expensive and most used thing I have. Though if I'd have to pick something that I could take along easily...well...my wallet, I guess. That would save a hell of a lot of hassle trying to replace stuff.
  16. Why did I read the thread's title in the TF2 Medic's voice?
  17. Hrmn...
    I think I would take my stuffed bear plushie. O_o
    It's the only thing that means a lot to me right now.
    Computers, furniture, etc., you can all get back sooner or later, and a lot of things, like electronics, have warranties on them anyway.
    My bear was given to me as a gift, and I don't think I could let go of it. And I wouldn't replace him either if something did happen to him. xx;
    Don't think I could.

  18. Well - ya'll are screwed man.

    The first thing I'd grab is my wallet. The first thing my wife would grab is her purse.

    After everything burns down the last thing you want to do is to have to pay to replace your ID, keys, lose all your cash, etc.
  19. Probably the three ring binder with my lyrics in it. If there's something on my computer that's not backed up, I either don't care about it or it's easily replaceable and I have everything in my apartment that's of value insured. The insurance company would be out a crazy amount of money for musical gear though. Also, why are you trying to light my house on fire? I thought we were cool!
  20. My Marcuz Miller jazz bass. I have had so many amazing memories with that bass that I couldn't fathom not having it any more.