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    About Myself
    Advanced Writer; 3-??? Paragraphs
    Grammar & Spelling; Proficient, Checked Twice
    Gender // Sexuality; Versatile AF
    Face Claims; Usually Realistic & Art Works
    Side Characters; They're a necessity.
    Post Times; Once a week or day. Usually on weekends and late nights on the weekdays.
    Friendliness Level (1-10); 8.5, don't be scared to strike up a conversation with me.
    Outer Communication; Skype (Only for those who have surpassed acquaintance level) & Email.

    What I'm looking for
    Advanced Writer; 3-5 Paragraphs or Mirror Writers
    Grammar & Spelling; Proficient
    Gender // Sexuality; Versatile
    Face Claims; As long as it isn't anime.
    Post Times; At least once a week.
    Friendliness Level (1-10); Gotta be at least, at least, level 5 bruh.
    Smut; Only for people with the blue star.

    Pairings // Themes
    Survivor & Survivor (GL) // Zombie Apocalypse, Romance, Drama, Angst, Psychological
    Gay Model & Heterosexual Model (BL/GL) // Modern, Romance, Drama, Slice of Life
    Queen & Knight (GL/Hetero) // Medieval, Romance, Love Triangle, Drama, Angst
    Popular Person & Otaku Person (BL/Hetero) // Modern, Romance, High School, Fluffy & Cute
    Loyalist & Rebel (Hetero) // Fantasy, Platonic or Romance, War, Angst, Action
    Noble & Dancer (Hetero) // Chinese Dynasty, Romance, Angst

    Looking for three partners. <3
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  2. Quick question; what are "BL" and "GL" meant to stand for?
  3. @grey987
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  4. Ah, I see.
    In any case, can we do the "Hetero" variant of the "Popular Person x Otaku" pairing?
  5. Mhm, send me a PM when you have the time and we'll discuss about it there.
  6. Hey, I liked your idea of loyalist x rebel, but unfortunately I kind of suck at writing male characters. I know you want gender versatile roleplayers but I am incapable of writing from a male standpoint without it coming off as crap :( If you're still interested you can PM me. If not I understand, and please have a lovely day!
  7. I don't think I'd have a problem with male npcs but I understand your position and I appreciate the links very much!
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