QUICK & DIRTY PART 1: Universal Law

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    Every universe has laws, for example, the law of Gravity. Adding your own unique laws to a new world can make it stand out from the crowd and create situations that would never come up in our own world.


    1 - The law can apply to everything without discretion, or only to a specific field*

    2 - The law must enforce itself and be undeniable.**

    3 - The law should have (limited) loopholes to prevent it from defining everything in the world ***

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    E.G.: The law of Gravity only applies to areas within Earth's Atmosphere; it's effects are altered slightly underwater as well.
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    E.G.: Police do not enforce Gravity, it just is.
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    E.G.: Gravity pulls objects of mass down EXCEPT when sufficient opposing force keeps them raised, and only pulls them down UNTIL the object meets an opposing barrier (dropping a pen on a table will not cause gravity to pull the pen through the table)

    YOUR TURN!Give an example of a new and unique Universal Law. You can give it through a profile explanation, sample scene, or whatever way you find easiest.
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  2. Any two objects made from the same particles and the same state (liqud, solid, etc.) will have their particles combine. (IE: What water does on Earth.)

    Why? Because trollyness.
  3. There's no kill like overkill.

    Why? Imagine getting shot in painful parts of ones body and still remaining alive, slipping on an banana peal, and having a f-bomb (Google it) explode as soon as you land on the ground due to some mad scientist made it like a pressure-sensitive land mine.
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