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  1. Hello there. I recently posted a very similar search on Reddit and now I have a headache :) :) :) Am I chick? Do I want to smut?
    Does anyone there have any reading comprehension?


    I'm an advanced writer who is looking for a partner who can mirror my length while providing dynamic and interesting posts. I encourage you to check out my RP Resume to get a better feel of my writing and just a general sense of what I'm about. Basically, let's be friends and write something awesome together <3

    I have zero luck with these two fandoms, but it's called garbage can not garbage cannot, so here we go!

    DC Comics
    Once upon a time I used to play Jason Todd on tumblr and all was well. And then I got writer's block and stopped for way too long, lost all my partners and have been looking for the same magic ever since. I'd really like to get back into the character and further explore the dirty underbelly of Gotham City.

    Jason Todd/Roy Harper
    Jason Todd/Tim Drake
    Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne
    Jason Todd/Rose Wilson

    I also play: Dick Grayson, Clark Kent, Hal Jordan, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain and Kate Kane.

    Star Trek (2009, Into Darkness)
    I haven't seen Beyond yet because I'm terrible. I'll give them my money eventually. This is another fandom that I used to love but writer's block stole Jim Kirk from me too. Again, I'm looking to get back into the character, the world and have some fun adventures with a dash of space husbands.

    Jim Kirk/Spock

    I'm willing to double for either of these fandoms as well. We can do an AU, we can stick to canon, we can pluck these characters out of their canon and put them in a completely different world. My search is your oyster!

    This poor search is so ugly, tho, with barely any formatting and one snarky gif that sums up my general feelings of places that aren't Iwaku. If I've struck your fancy and you're eighteen or older, please send me a PM or reply here. I'll respond with copious amounts of cookies and my happy tears to wash them down.
  2. Still looking, btw c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.