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Most questions are already answered in the FAQ or Iwaku Guide but for questions pertaining to policy, function or current events... We have this thread! This first post will contain the Q&A. This is NOT a suggestion/discussion thread. If you would like to make a suggestion or start a discussion about Iwaku, please start a new thread so it can be talked about!


What is the big deal about posting tons in the Off Topic areas? Do post counts matter?
We wish we could do nothing but roleplay all day! But sometimes you have to wait for roleplay posts. While you're waiting, the Off Topic areas are good entertainment. The more posts in the OT areas, the more likely you are to find something to entertain you. When a new person registers, the same thing applies. Providing new content on a regular basis keeps members coming back to see what's new. So post counts are not about status but rather keeping members occupied, entertained, and on Iwaku. :D

Can I be a staff member? What is the job of a staff member?
See the Can I Be a Staffie thread for a detailed answer!

Why do you keep upgrading/changing the forums?! Why can't things stay the same!
Upgrades provide vital bug fixes and features for a growing community. We are trying really hard to avoid any more major system changes. The Iwaku Community is constantly changing and evolving, so it's forum system needs to stay up to date with it.

How do you decide to BAN people?
When a member starts becoming a problem to the community, they are reported to Staff. ALL staff members discuss these situations on a case by case basis. A member's case is considered only by their own actions, behavior, and interaction with the community. Banning is always the final result if no other solutions can be found!

You should add a _____ off topic forum!
The Iwaku Focus is on the Roleplays, so we don't want to have too many Off Topic forums. At this moment, Iwaku is still too small to support extra OT areas. They wouldn't get very many posts. In the future if Iwaku grows big enough, we may add these extra areas!

Why won't you add a D&D Roleplay forum?
We feel that separating D&D roleplays from the others might lesson the chances of those roleplays getting new players. Having them mixed in with the other roleplays can lure in curious spectators that might take a chance on something new. :D As an additional thought, Iwaku is still not large enough to have too many extra Genre forums for the roleplays. As the community grows, we might reconsider it in the future.

Will you add a D&D/Anime/Other Channel to the Cbox so people will stop chatting about it in Main?
No. We don't want to ban certain topics out of the Main channel and make people worry about whether or not they are allowed to talk about something. This makes an uncomfortable community and puts unnecessary workload on Staff. If you don't like the current topic discussed, you can always make an attempt to change the subject or just leave the Cbox to post on the forums until the topic shifts.

How do you get rid of the "NEW REGISTRATION" message?
6 Posts on the forum.

How long will I be listed as "NEW MEMBER"?
14 Days AND 20 Posts on the forum!

If you have a question that is NOT a bug report or something you want a discussion for, ask below!
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This may sound dumb, but I swear to God I cannot figure out how to send a PM! Please please help me and my retarded self ):
Haha... Nevermind... Figured out that I need some more posts before I can send private messages, so I'll go do that, sorry to waste your time.... ^^;
Yup, new registrations can't send PMs. It's so stop spambots registering and then sending a million PMs.
If there is no thread tool above the first post for you ask a moderator to delete it or archive it.
How do I look at the rp's iv recently replied to and the rp's iv created?
How do I look at the rp's iv recently replied to and the rp's iv created?

Click your name with the little circle with an arrow (at the top right corner of the forums) then click "Your Content".