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  1. So, don't make fun of me, but I'm sitting outside the AT&T store waiting to get my iPhone 6. Now I'm an old hat at waiting in lines at anime conventions, so I think it'd be fun if you guys told me your experiences waiting in lines! Have you guys waited overnight for any products? Any crazy line people you've met? Or are you a recluse that stays away from people? ;3
  2. I've waited in line..... for a nintendo wii.


    For a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  3. I can wait in line for my groceries. Once the line takes more than twenty minutes, then I'm so out of there. I don't have to patience to stand still for longer periods of time. I need to move around otherwise my restless legs syndrome starts to act up. It would look pretty funny if I were starting to jump up and down in line or start running in place just to get rid of that feeling xD I rather avoid such situation and just buy my things once everyone else are done queuing.

    I've done some lengthier queuing, mainly when I was younger. Not for special products but for rides in amusement parks. I've never gone to any of the bigger amusement parks, and I probably never will. Waiting half an hour all the way up to four hours is just not my thing. A few times I have ended up standing maybe half an hour-fortyfive minutes waiting for a ride, but most of them never took more than ten minutes. If the line seemed ridiculously long, then we just came back later. (Of course that doesn't work on the newer rides as everyone wants to test them out all day). Queuing becomes a bit more tolerable when I'm hanging with my friends, but if it's for a silly product that I can get for 2/3 of the price if I wait a few years, then I rather skip the queue.

    I don't care much for new and trendy, I'm more for the functional and cheap. With other words, wait some years, see how the product worked for others, if it was good, wait until the price goes down and then buy it if I feel interested. No need for long queues, no need to realize that the product wasn't as good as I and many others hoped, and save myself money and time. But if I had been interested in getting the latest product immediately, then I would have used the internet for it. I'LL NEVER QUEUE MOHAHHAHHA!
  4. Ahahaha @redblood I didn't even think of amusement park rides because I hate most of them. However, my friends did force me to go on some rides in Disney World, and I have to say, they make the queuing pretty enjoyable! There's stuff to look at and read and explore and whatnot in line.

    @heliacalRebirth Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out while I was at an anime convention... Otherwise I would've been in line for that, too.
  5. I've waited for 30 minutes or more in a line on more than one occasion just to find out it's the wrong line. That shouldn't be something that happens outside of TV but apparently it does.
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  6. We don't have a Disney world in Sweden, so I wouldn't be able to go there even if I wanted to and even if I could enjoy the lines. I think the closest one is in France, which means I would have to fly over the ocean to Denmark, through Germany and then into France. So not worth it xD Maybe I'll take the chance with Disney world when I move to Japan (if it ever happens), but before that, it's way too far away for me.
  7. I've queued/waited for tables in restaurants before, and, when I was younger, we went to Disney World and then we had to queue for everything.

    Nothing particularly interesting happened, sorry. I don't generally have the patience to queue for very long. That redblood said he can wait twenty minutes for groceries horrifies me.
  8. I waited in line to get my pass day 0 at AX in LA this year. On top of being in the blazing sun and being there 2 hours early, the lines themselves didn't start moving until almost 4 HOURS AFTER the initial starting time. Fun times.
  9. I usually don't wait for it that long xD It rarely goes over 5 minutes, and usually not over 1 if it's not major queues for whatever reason. I just can if I have to. The longest I've waited for groceries is probably ten minutes, a shopping round on G-kås usually gives you a queuing period of 10-20 minutes. (G-kås is a big store in Sweden with incredibly cheap clothes, toys, music, movies, makeup, kitchen stuff, etc. They have pretty much everything except for shoes.) I go there with my family once a year, so I'm used to having to stand in line for that amount of time because of shopping. I think we once had to wait thirty minutes because there were so much people there.
  10. Yeeees, I feel you! Otakon this year had network issues so most people who pre-registered couldn't pick up their badges the night before. We sat in line from like 6am to 9am or something like that the next morning before the line started moving (and we were pretty far back in the line too! @_@), and we'd been in line for maybe an hour or two the night before but didn't make it. Otakon was pretty much LineCon this year, lol.
  11. Longest I waited in line? 3 hours I think for a roller coaster. (Worth it)

    Most amusing story?
    There are no lines in China. When I wanted something and there was a crowd you had to shove with the best of them. By the time you made it to the front you were out of breath and tired of being around so many people... that wouldn't stop touching you. (Ugg). Sometimes when I first was there I couldn't bring myself to push and shove so I waited for a long time until some of the Chinese people would see me standing there and shove me to the front. :D That happened to be a few times. Once I got shoved onto a bus by an older Chinese man so I could get on before everyone else.
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