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    What you can expect from me is the following:

    • Posts that are 150 to 400 words long and they look something like this.
    • Plotting via google documents and other google drive tools.
    • OOC chatter.
    • Sketches of our OCs.
    • Playlists for our RP, pairings, characters, world.
    • Multiple characters, multiple pairings and plenty of NPCs and expendables in addition to our main pairing.
    • Comfortable playing any gender, sexuality and an array of kinks and fetishes.

    In general I expect you to be able to provide the same (well not artwork or playlists if you can't do it/don't want to) the rest of that shit, well I expect!
    Please remember in addition to the main pairing I will roleplay any number of additional pairings, NPCs and side characters.
    Narco Arms DealersMale (you) / Female (me)
    Lieutenant (you) / Ring Leader (me)

    Tri-othluar Naval AcademyMale / Male
    Splice / Commander

    Splice Anyone who has had their genetic code spliced together with the genetic code of another species. Splicing hardcodes specific traits (physical and mental) into a person. Splicing is most commonly done to soldiers species.

    The Tri-othluar Naval Academy is located on Corminia [*slide #4].
    My name is Egolegume I'm a cis female, pansexual with bright pink hair that runs a Let's Play channel called Noble Ranks and drives a school bus to make money!

    If you are interested in roleplaying with me you may contact me on skype (princess.power.dynamic) or post to this thread. When you contact me please tell me the following:

    • Which setup do you want to RP (use the titles above each pairing)?
    • Which role you want to play (if applicable)?
    • Any kinks you'd like to play out or kinks you'd like to double check I'm into.
    • Ask any questions you have.
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Thread Status:
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