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Well now, what have we here? A band of adventurers? And what world may this be? Hmm, well, I don't know. Let's just start with the quests, and see where it goes from there...

—This RP will be creating a world as it goes, based on the characters and the descriptions of places they go and people they meet. If a race, even humans, is not mentioned, it doesn't exist; if a form of magic isn't mentioned it doesn't exist; etc. The plot will hopefully develop itself as we go.

Note that this RP is designed such that every character must have a quest. This "quest" is a goal which the character is traveling the world and possibly working with or against other characters in order to achieve. It should be something specific, not "a better world", and somewhat realistic, not "destroy the world in ten seconds". It can be more than one thing—a list of things, that is—if you so desire. It should make sense with who your character is; it should be something they really want. They can be a thief looking to get rich, build up some money and live a secure life, or a cleric trying to fulfill a bunch of requirements (certain virtues or whatever) in order to ascend to a higher rank and come closer to their god. It can be something more personal, like avenging a dead brother, or less serious, like telling a certain joke to as many people as possible before dying. Try to be creative, and have fun with it.

A post or two will be reserved for information on the world, but at the beginning there is nothing to record.

Excess Note: This concept has been used previously, on a site very nearby this one, but this version will involve different players and characters, and thus result in a different world and story entirely. That's why it's subtitled "World B".
All About the World of _______*​
*--Name to be determined

Luna-Goddess of the moon; patron goddess of werewolves.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Perceived/Usual Appearance: A beautiful woman with tanned skin, gray eyes, a wolf's tail, and long, gleaming silver hair.
Other information unknown at present.

Yeenogh-Demon responsible for the death of the patron god of gnolls; he is worshiped by the now-corrupted race.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Percieved/Usual Appearance: This.
More information can be found here, under the "-----".

Dragons: Creatures of immense magical and physical power. Most are associated with a given element and have a breath which reflects this, as well as magic of that element and two or three that are involved with it. They are capable of shapeshifting to creature and humanoid forms, but this takes time and great effort, the amount of each depending on how much a change of size there is--a humanoid form from draconic could take a full twenty-four hours, for instance. They grow up much slower than humans, and are considered young adults at two centuries.

Napaeae: Spirit-folk attuned to nature, formed by great magical power (often that of gods, though sometimes incidental) from creatures.

Lost Ones/Graakar: Beings summoned forth by a great mage long ago in a war, who wander the land in search of a way to revive their master. They are generally considered bad luck, perhaps because their drawing of the earth's power tends to drain it of nutrients, destroying nearby plants. It may also have something to do with their somewhat monstrous appearance.

Gnolls: A race of hyena-folk who have been corrupted by a great demon who killed their original patron god. As a result they are pillagers and destroyers of nearly all civilization, and quite accurately seen as such.

Humans: (Implied race) Just normal, everyday humans, similar to those of nearly every other universe.

Werewolves: (Implied race) Subrace of humans, capable of becoming a humanoid-wolf form, especially under the full moon. Seen as a menace by some humans, partially because not all are in full control of themselves while in this form. Primary worshipers of Luna, the goddess of the moon.

Verbal Map:
(A description of the world's geography will go here)
The Story So Far

(A summary of the plot up until this point will go here.)
Character Sheet & Listing
Note that this sheet is more in-depth than most you might see, because this story is very character-oriented. Please make an effort to describe everything to your fullest ability.
Read, obey, then delete everything in parentheses.

[noparse]Name: (Your character's name)
Race: (Name your character's race (including crossbreeding, special conditions, etc.) and describe it in general terms. I encourage you to come up with new ideas, be original, use a new take on things if you like.)
Gender: (If you can't figure this one out, I am afraid there is no help for you.)
Age: (Different races have different lifespans; give the approximate earth-human equivalent if they age much faster/slower)
Class: (A basic name for your character's profession, e.g. Thief, Fighter, Ice Mage; you will discuss it in more detail later.)

Strong Points: (The character's attributes which make them better, be it in battle, making money, or just being neat)
Weak Points: (The character's attributes which make them worse, be it in battle, making money, or just being neat)
Abilities/Traits: (Anything about your character that is neither useful nor harmful, such as the ability to juggle.)

DND-Style Alignment: (You can remove this if you want. Pick one of each group of three to describe your character's morals: Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic Good/Neutral Evil)
Personality: (If you feel this has been sufficiently covered above, remove it; otherwise, tell how your character acts around others.)

Your Quest: (What your character is trying to do. Discussed in detail in the first post)
History: (Your character's past. Should include the reason for their quest.)

Appearance: (Post a link to a picture, or a else good description of your character. Or you can mix and match the two, if you like.)[/noparse]


Irrik-An ice dragon cursed to a wolf form for insulting Luna, the goddess of the moon and werewolves. He seeks to regain his sealed power, and must perform tasks given by prophets to do so. [Xindaris]

Sphene-A beautiful lady of spiritual origin, attuned with nature (especially fauna). She seeks someone to feel strongly about, the way that humans do with one another. [Kitti]

Hyran-A being summoned forth by a powerful but evil mage long ago. The mage deceased, he and the remnants of his kind seek a way to revive him so they may do his bidding once more. [Vay]

Heart-Fang-A gnoll and former pirate, heavy in emotion and resourceful in a fight. He aspires to revive the original patron god of the knolls, slain by the great demon Yeenoghu, and thus to heal his kind. [Boss Frost]
This is a post reserved for anything else which may come up, and not fit the above categories.
I have to say, I am exceptionally intrigued.
I'm gonna have to wait though and see how everything else is going.
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Oh well, I'll put my character up anyway...soon.

Name: Irrik (eer-ick)
Race: Ice Dragon (presently stuck in wolf form)
Gender: Male
Age: 211
Class: Weakened High Mage

Strong Points: Irrik is rather skilled in ice magic. He can freeze stuff, and create ice out of thin air using magic. He also has the advantages that come with being a wolf at the moment--a stronger sense of smell and hearing, for instance, as well as having claws.
Weak Points: Irrik burns very easily, even in what most would consider moderate heat, and he can become dehydrated fairly fast. He ordinarily would have some power over water and wind magics, but those are presently sealed, meaning that occasionally he'll try one of those by mistake and wind up doing something unintended with ice instead. A part of his power with ice magic is also sealed, and he is prone to unnecessarily extreme use of it, which leads to fatigue. As a wolf, he can't talk and is easily mistaken for a wild and dangerous animal.
Abilities/Traits: Irrik's breath is cold, although it isn't an "Ice" or "freeze" breath by any means.

DND-Style Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Irrik is interested in himself--there is no better way to put it. He will occasionally show concern for others, usually while bored, but he always places himself as the most important. And even when he is "helping" other people, he does it his way, which is often the wrong way, since he doesn't listen a whole lot. He is well-learned and intelligent, as all dragons are expected to be, but he rejects new information with quite some fervor.
It's also worth mentioning again--at the moment Irrik cannot talk. He is stuck in a wolf form, and what he will usually do to communicate is use magic to create a patch of snow on the ground and write words in it with his claws. This can be unnervingly slow and is easy to misread since he abbreviates things to make it go faster.

Your Quest: Irrik wants to regain his presently-sealed powers. He has been told that he must perform tasks in order to do this, but not what any of them are just yet.

History: One day Irrik was bored. He decided to find something good to do to relieve his boredom, and one day he heard some peasants complaining about werewolves poaching their sheep. Irrik decided to try and chase off the werewolves.
Long story short, he got into doing this sort of thing quite a bit, and wound up offending their goddess, Luna. When confronted about this by Luna herself, he decided to challenge her, with the stakes on her end being the removal of werewolves from the world.
The other gods were not happy about this, even the ones that disliked Luna, because if a dragon could challenge her, a dragon could challenge any of them. To teach Irrik, and any other young, stupid dragons a lesson, they basically helped Luna cheat (although this was unnecessary) and then cursed him to a wolf form and sealed his powers. Now, he must fulfill deeds prescribed by each god(dess) through a prophet, one at a time, to regain his power piece by piece.

Appearance: Similar to this, but with icy blue eyes, and usually condensation from his cold breath near the end of his muzzle.
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Name: Sphene
Race: Napaeae
Napaeae were feminine animalistic spirits of the valleys, in Greco-Roman period, personalized and assigned the guardianship of fertile green valleys by the great gods. Usually they were invoked locally at small shrines. A.G.H.
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Class: Archer

Strong Points: Astounding aim with a bow, a kindred spirit to animals that calms them with her actions and words.
Weak Points: Sphene cannot wield any other weapon, and is squeamish about hunting.
Abilities/Traits: Sphene can gather butterflies to herself if she sits still in a grassy area.

DND-Style Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Gentle as a butterfly, Sphene loves things of beauty and cherishes all living creatures, though she'll act in defense of those she is protecting. A little bit vague and apathetic beneath her sweet demeanor, she has never been forced to feel strongly, never experiencing true passion.

Your Quest: Sphene is looking for someone to feel strongly about.

Sphene was born of air and spirit, will and drops of blood. She was once content to live in her valley with her animals and butterfly kin, though she can no longer fly or speak to the animals.
Human bards would visit her beautiful, sun-kissed valley in hopes of seeing the beauty, singing to her songs of love and loss in return for a glimpse of her graceful dances, but after a while, without knowing that love, she began to feel empty.

Looks good, Kitti. Could you expound a bit more on what a Naphaeae is? (On the race section, probably)
Name: Hyran
Race: Lost One (A race of summoned beings whose master has long since died, they where summoned to fight a war that is half forgotten even in legend)
Gender: Genderless
Age: 314
Class: Fighter

Strong Points: Tough, strong and resistant to magic. Does not require food or water drawing power from the earth, any earth will do, even the steel of swords and armour.
Weak Points: Greatly weakened of separated from earth and large bodies of water burn like acid, even rain hurts.
Abilities/Traits: Looking into the eyes of a lost one feels like having cold water thrown on you.

DND-Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: All lost ones live to serve the dead master whose name they cannot speak lest they disturb his eternal rest. Hyren's personality is borderline psychotic, feeling nothing for anyone beyond their usefulness. Shows of emotion perplex him and if they work against him or slow his down they irritate him. He will not harm others beyond what is necessary but won't let anyone or anything get in his way.

Your Quest:
To resurrect the master so that he may guide the lost ones to his will.

Though loyalty and prowess become the Master's champion.

History: Created from magic and sent to fight for his master is a war they eventually lost. As soon as the master fell the Graakar (as they where known as then) scattered into the world and wandered without direction, each one traveling alone. They became creatures of stories under the name lost ones, each trying to serve the master in their own way. Most have died by now but a few remain. Seeing one is considered an omen of bad luck ahead and they are often hunted down lest they cause failed crops or other disasters. Their stories sre used to frighten young children and to some on the more superstisious they are seen as demons.





Faustus: A great mage and earthweaver of extreme power and skill, Faustus' endless lust for power caused his to spend long hours in the quest for knowledge of his craft. He set up a tower with a great library in the middle of a lush plain, crafting the stone structure with his magic. It happened slowly at first, strange creatures coming from the plains and attacking remote villagers, but before long the mage had crafted an army of servants from the very earth itself and the plain was transformed into a desert by the creation, and indeed, very existance of these creatures. As his armies marched outwards destroying towns and bringing the spoils to their master, many powerful artifacts where stolen and studied by the mage and no one could stand before the endless tides of his graakar. All the nations who had not long before been fighting amongst themselves banded together and fought back, but nothing could stop the mage's forces until all the best soldiers and heroes managed to assault his tower losing almost all of their number in the attempt, but they confronted the mage and killed him. Upon the mage's death his army lost will and scattered the tower crumbling and falling into the earth. A great extermination took place as the graakar where hunted down but many escaped into the wilderness. Eventually the mage was forgotten and the graakar became the lost ones wondering alone searching for a way to awaken their master.
Alright is Hyran lies to Irrik saying that the dead master can restore his powers at some point?
Hyran seems an acceptable character (some spelling errors made his abilities confusing at first). I'm under the assumption that he is resistant, not immune to magic, meaning that stronger magic could still affect him.
I have some questions about the earth-drawing power. First, can he control how much power he draws from the earth at a given time, as it seems directly related to his strength? And second, if power is drawn from the earth, does it affect it in some way, such as withering plants under/near his feet? (This would help account for superstitions of lost ones ruining crops...)
I probably wouldn't consider Hyran "evil", since I consider that to mean "Actively seeking to harm others". He seems more like Irrik's kind of "Neutral"--interested in only his own agenda...but that's up to you.

That doesn't seem like too bad an idea, but it will have to be a little later into the story, at least when Irrik regains a humanoid form and can actually talk...
Hokay. I've decided to join since Piro has totally forgotten about both of his RPs and and Aeon is on hold. ^_^

I'm not doing this in a whole sitting though, because it's such a crazy long bio and I actually have to think a bit. hahaha

Name: (Your character's name)
Race: (Name your character's race (including crossbreeding, special conditions, etc.) and describe it in general terms. I encourage you to come up with new ideas, be original, use a new take on things if you like.)
Gender: Female
Age: (Different races have different lifespans; give the approximate earth-human equivalent if they age much faster/slower)
Class: Hired Assassin.

Strong Points: (The character's attributes which make them better, be it in battle, making money, or just being neat)
Weak Points: (The character's attributes which make them worse, be it in battle, making money, or just being neat)
Abilities/Traits: (Anything about your character that is neither useful nor harmful, such as the ability to juggle.)

DND-Style Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: (If you feel this has been sufficiently covered above, remove it; otherwise, tell how your character acts around others.)

Your Quest:
History: (Your character's past. Should include the reason for their quest.)

Appearance: (Post a link to a picture, or a else good description of your character. Or you can mix and match the two, if you like.)
I was thinking he has created from earth, hence he runs on "earth energies" so is happens without him thinking about it and the amount he draws is equal to how much he is using at the time. Hadn't thought of the ground itself being affected but that is a good idea, the earth he draws from could be 'drained' and therefore turn to unfertile loam less sand. and yes that would mean small plants would die and even it to drains a large area trees and field could be affected.

I put him as evil because his master is evil and he serves the master. I guess following others blindly is more neutral than evil. I'll also add in a second goal to become the master's champion.

And yes, resistant not immune, he is made from magic and therefore can disperse it into his body to a certain extent, but to much would effect him faster than he can disperse it.

<s>I'll also work on the spelling.</s> Edited to my local English spelling which disagrees with my browser's dictionary and its doing its auto-correct thing >_>
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Sphene is all right now, non, Xindypants?
Well...I'd really intended for you to say what the race is in the fictional world, rather than the real-world myths it's based on...

I clearly can't say much about pattypixie's character yet, as the alignment, gender, and class seems all we know at present...

Vay--that works. 'Sgood
... erm... she is what the myths say, Xinders...
She's a spirit made flesh with a tie to animals.. she hails from a glen. x_X
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Wow, I'm glad I got out of bed today ^^
Name: Heart-Fang
Race: True Gnoll
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Class: Swashbuckler

Strong Points:
Skilled with a variety of weapons, acrobatic and athletic, fast swimmer.
Weak Points:
Ignorant of civilized life, species considered 'monstrous', blind greed for material wealth.
Gnolls have very sophisticated digestive system - they can consume and digest any organic material. As well, gnolls are blessed with immunity to mundane diseases. He also has his sea legs!

DND-Style Alignment:
Chaotic Neutral
Bestial in many of his traits, headstrong and confident. His cocky, devil-may-care and greedy attitude is played to the fullest when alone: However, his pack tactics and 'crew loyalty' make him a rather valuable ally, willing to work together with his allies towards specific goals... plus, he can be coaxed with gold, which is nice at times. The demon Yeenoghu's bloodlust and emotional twisting has flowed over into all gnolls... Heart-Fang looses himself in battle, and must fight against his very blood in order to keep his cool in certain situations. He does not feel small amounts of emotion - when he gets an emotion, the emotion fills him completely.

Your Quest:
The revival of his race's creator god, who was slain by the archdemon Yeenoghu centuries ago, claiming the gnoll race as his own. Yeenoghu used the thighbone of the dead god to forge his weapon, and Heart-Fang believes that if he can get it back, he can revive the forgotten god and return his people to their normal self.
Born to a pirate captain of a monstrous ship and one of the crew members, Heart-Fang grew up with his brothers, half-brother and half-sister among the infamous pirate ship, "Fury". As custom, he grew up without a name until he could do something worthy of getting a name... and this he did. In naval combat with a port authority, he young gnoll leapt across to the other ship, forcing the rival captain's armor open with his claws, driving his teeth into the startled man's heart... this led to his name: "Heart-Fang".

The second-strongest of his three siblings, Heart-Fang was his father's favorite, and was predicted to be the next captain in line... were it not for his half-sister's mother, who betrayed Heart-Fang's father in a mutiny... Heart-Fang allied with a few crewmates, eventually falling upon and slaying the mother and daughter.

However, left without a captain, the monstrous pirates fell to infighting, and the pirate crew disbanded. In an attempt to get a new crew, the young gnoll found that he was quickly chased out of cities - before his status as a pirate was even known. It was not long before he found out the cause...

The gnolls on land had changed. Mutated from the primal creatures he was into demon-worshipping hellbeasts. Their fur blackened, their forms stooped over, they were raiders, pillagers, slavers, and perpetrators of all sorts of horrors... which, even being a monstrous pirate, appalled Heart-Fang. Prayers to the gods came up silent, until he was answered by one creature.

In Heart-Fang's wanderings - trying to find out what happened and exterminating his land-based kin along the way, he came across a sight that terrified him to the bone... a massive, infinitely old ice dragon, who had watched the young pirate battle so fiercely. Impressed, the dragon offered a piece of his hoard for such a valiant act...

Heart-Fang was greedy, but a bit smarter. Instead, he proposed that instead of a material treasure, that he ask the old dragon a question... and he did - he asked what happened to his people. The dragon's memory was long, and he told Heart-Fang... as the gnoll bowed in thanks, fire burned in the young gnoll's soul... and he has been going forth to combat gnolls and bring down the god-slaying-demon Yeenoghu's plans at any point in time he finds them... in a quest to release his people from their demon-tainted grasp.



Target for Deicide:
Name: Yeenoghu
Titles: Demon Prince of Gnolls, The Destroyer, Beast of Butchery, Ruler of Ruin
Race: Demon Lord of Carnage, Gnolls, Slavery
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Weapon of Choice: "Howl", a triple headed flail, created from the bones and skin of a slain god.
Common worshiper practice: His worshippers sometimes paint his eye on their weapons and armor so that their patron can see the atrocities they commit in his name.
Relationships: Like all demon lords, Yeenoghu has a long list of enemies and rivals, and a short list of allies and compatriots. He was not originally revered by gnolls, but gained their worship by stealing the portfolio of Gorellik their original patron deity. His greatest enemy is Baphomet the Demon Lord of Minotaurs and the Prince of Beasts. Their enmity has stretched back so far that both demon lords have forgotten the origins of their feud. Graz'zt manipulates Yeenoghu on occasion into battles of Graz'zt's choice; Yeenoghu does not realize he is being used, but loves battle enough that he would hardly care if he did.
Realm: Aptly and unimaginatively named Yeenoghu's Realm. It is a salt-swept wasteland bordering a foul ocean in which lurk gnolls, hyena-like creatures, and various carrion-eating undead. Before Yeenoghu took over the layer, it was known as the Savage Searing, ruled by the fallen Celestial demon lord known as Azael.
Dogma: Yeenoghu embodies killing and butchery. Seeking power over his rivals and the gods themselves, the Beast of Butchery commands his followers to show no mercy over their opponents. Yeenoghu welcomes to his worship any who exult in death and slaughter.
Worshippers: Yeenoghu is revered by both gnolls and ghouls, as well as power-hungry humanoids of other races. He acts as the patron for gnolls, wishing to see a material world where other humanoids are simple slave labor or food.
Followers of Yeenoghu perform living sacrifices in remote wilderness regions beneath the light of the moon, eating the living flesh of their victims raw, sacrificing blood to their master. Cults bring back sacrifices to their lair and mutilate them with sharp knives, collect their blood, and consume it with hallucinogenic herbs. They look for omens in the viscera of their slain enemies. Cultists of Yeenoghu never bathe.

The worship of Yeenoghu is closely tied to the phases of the moons. During the darkness of the new moon, gnolls seek as many captives as possible to slaughter in a cave representing Yeenoghu's own otherwordly den, with a chorus of terrible howls adding to the atmosphere of the ritual. At this time, the matriarchs of the tribe pray for Yeenoghu to make a personal appearance, hoping he will arrive to sire half-fiendish young, but realistically they are likely to at best receive the boon of a lesser demon, who will lead the tribe for a time and sire half-fiends to lead in his place after he returns to the Abyss.

One of the most terrible of Yeenoghu's rites is the Corruption of the Soul Consumed, in which live captives are fed to demon-blooded hyenas, who give birth to lesser demons formed from the corrupted souls of the sacrifices they devoured.

Myths: One myth claims that Yeenoghu created the gnolls himself by feeding demons to a pack of mortal hyenas. These hyenas gave birth to the first gnolls.


Demon-Tained Gnolls