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  1. Looking for RPs involving mythical creatures, dangers, conspiracies, and so on. Not necessarily all together, or all apart from each other.

    Please keep in mind my Roleplay Resume, in particular the posting speeds, which is slow as fuck, and an overall disinterest in romance unless it takes the backseat in the RP.

    I'm also a big fan of multiple characters on the playfield, though only deal in 1x1. I don't generally like to play the sole focus character, and am in fact very bad at it. I prefer if both of our characters have development and focus, or if yours has more. We can definitely plan and tweak plots as needed, and I am open to ideas beyond my own.

    While the characters are already designed, I realized that I don't actually need to include their bios, since the plot ideas do well enough describing them. My mains are the names in red.

      1. a In the Other Realm, a genie searches for a way to break her bonds of servitude. But the path is wrought with socialization and other, lesser dangers like death. Being neither silver of tongue nor particularly likable, she can't do it on her own. Instead the genie will have to somehow, some way recruit another denizen of the Other Realm to help her.

      2. a The genie finds a human child in the Other Realm and gives it over to the care of the city of jinn. She's since washed her hands of responsibility, but as all humans do, the child grows up. And they wants to meet their savior.

      3. a One cog in the machinery that is secret organizations discovers a dangerous, unknown organization that she neither knows of nor made up: IQuT, an institute so far underground even the Men in Black didn't know of its existance until now. Now that they know it exists, though, they need to figure out what it's up to. And who better to investigate than the secret agent who discovered it?

      4. a A motley crew of heroes and saviors have teamed up to, well, save the world! The only thing these world-savers lack is the prophecied chosen one, who alone can stop the looming threat of destruction and chaos. Their ancient scrolls and mysticisms lead them to an unremarkable little village buried in the foothills where their chosen one resides. Is one of the burly, rough-and-tumbles at the tavern? The pious priestess? The orphan with the mysterious past and old, old eyes? The -- oh, it's the guy chasing the chickens? The one with no discernable skills or unique history that would make him at all fitting to his role? Who can't even read the scroll he's mentioned in? Well, damn.

      5. a Once upon a time, on a little archipelago on an endless ocean, there lived a fisherman. And a lot of dead animals. Strange sounds have been echoing through the oceans, causing whales to beach themselves, jellies to swarm en masse in shallows, sea birds to crash into electrical lines and houses. Whatever it is making these sounds has completely disrupted natural patterns, and seems to be rising from somewhere within the deep trenches that circle the world. But to figure out what's going on, one would need a boat, and that boat would need a captain, and that captain, preferably, would be an amphibious alien creature (who is also a fisherman) inclined to throw herself head-first into danger.

      1. b The genie is summoned at the behest of a would-be ruler of worlds. She can help them, easily, or try to stop the bloodshed and heinous acts that facilitate their rise to conqueror. That's a little more difficult, so she might need some persuasion.

      2. b Conspiracy theories abound, some true, others simply existing to hide the truth. These things don't happen on their own, though, and secret agents live everywhere and nowhere, propagating the rumors and spreading disinformation. And there are those who dedicate their lives to rooting out these agents: the theorists, the nuts, the fringes of society. When one of these nuts actually finds a secret agent....

      3. b The ocean is full of mythical creatures, all of them fascinating, most deadly. This'd just be an RP with my fisherman and sundry having to fight or adapt to them.

      1. c The genie is summoned to do the bidding of some human. Shenanigans occur.

      2. c The Other Realm is a big, big place. Strange things happen there; the genie is there. Maybe the fisherman's there instead. Sometimes they meet.

      3. c The secret agent meets an alien.

      4. c The chosen one is a peasant in a Generic Fantasy World. There's bound to be some plot-y stuff laying around for him to stumble and fumble his way right into.

      5. c Someone wants to go exploring the wild waters beyond their island home. And the fisherman is just the woman to help.

      6. a For either the fisherman, the genie, the chosen one, or the secret agent (p. much whoever or several whoevers): there are ancient, cyclopean ruins, possibly with ancient, enormous (you might even call them, ahem, colossal) beasts, and ancient, powerful secrets. And they need exploring. Now. Because!
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  2. Prettied up my post and made it a bit more streamlined. Also added a few things, took other things away.
  3. Added an alien (or fantasy species) chick and a plot idea for her. And a few more open ended plots, too. Plus minor tweaks as I am wont to do.
  4. I totally would love to do the Chosen One plot line if you aren't already doing it and are still looking?
  5. I do have someone else asking after that one, but it's open enough that I wouldn't be adverse to doing it a second time as well. The only solid character on my end is my peasant dude somewhere in the RP, everything else can change -- characters, plots, setting.
  6. Still looking, though I've crossed out one of the options as on-hold for peeps.
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