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  1. What do I do if someone has erased their roleplay information from a thread? For example, if a thread is not in the right place and a member politely tells them it's in the wrong place and asks them to seek out a staff member, sometimes new members will end up deleting the information in that old thread and transferring it to a new thread. What would I do in that situation? Let the staff members know so they can delete that thread? I'd also like confirmation as to what ignoring means. I've seen this on the account settings labeled as forums you ignore, members you ignore, and threads you ignore. In this context, would it mean to block those particular threads, forums, and members?
  2. Ignoring: You won't see that thread unless you unignore it.

    As for the thread deletion, if they delete it it will be archived. That is if the user deletes it themselves. If they move the thread/repost it to the correct forum, there's nothing you can really do unless it was your idea (I think, not sure on that one).

    I hope that helped.
  3. If you find a thread that's erased you can either message one of the moderators for that section of the forum (Which can be found to the right of the page counts and to the left of "watch forum", "ignore forum".) and leave them a link to the thread. Or you can click the report button on that post.

    If the member has explained in their title that the post content has been deleted or that they made a mistake, we will most likely see it and delete the thread without someone bumping us about it. But if they failed to change the title, then we might mistake it for a thread that's in use, so in those cases it would be good for it to be reported in one of the ways listed above. (Though if you notice that it has been there a while without having been taken care of even though the title is obvious, it doesn't hurt to yell at us for being blind xD)
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  4. Thank you very much for both of your guys' explanations! (:
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