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  1. I was wondering if my name will change color on the new year? since I've been on the website for over 2 years and everyone else had a different color name that has been on the site for awhile. Thanks :) i was just wondering
  2. Your name is currently, dark green, which is the majority of members.

    The other colours aren't time based.

    Light Green = Donated to the site, this is based on money.
    Blue = Coumminty Volunteer, the Admins have to put you here.
    Purple = Staff, the admins once again decide this.
    Red = Admin, the admins decide this too... But in my whole year here no one has gained or lost an admin title.
  3. oh okay, thanks :)
  4. Have another question about donating. I clicked the donate button. That didn't work. I see that people can donate random amounts. I scanned all the commonly asked questions and I feel stupid for asking this since I feel like its a total waste of time.

    So sorry.

    How do I donate ten dollars. I feel like I've tried everything. Is the only way to donate ten dollars is to purchase an upgrade ten times? So confused. I'd be super grateful for help. thanks so much. :)
  5. Also, if the payments have already gone through on my credit card when will I see the effect of any account upgrades I purchased. I know I might not see them right away but will I see something in 48 hours at least?

    Sorry if I'm being a bother, I figured out account upgrades but I'm not sure if that's the only way to donate either. Thanks so much and let me know :) take your time.

    I'm also confused on whether I donated by clicking on the one time, or if I got account upgrades since I'm not really sure.
    if you have to be a reoccurring donator to get the upgrades that is fine as well, i noticed that i have the green banner now :) Which is cool! Let me know what buttons and commands i should be searching for if i do get account upgrades. Thanks.
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  6. The only account upgrade to my knowledge (other than the colour and banner) is the ability to bump threads without posting in them.

    However, note that by doing so anyone watching the "Lasted Post X" records will be able to tell it's been bumped.
    And said upgrades only last a long as you're a donator. Once you lose the status the upgrades go away as well.

    As for the wait? I think it's just whenever Iwaku's system recognizes it.
    Which if I had to guess would be anywhere from instant to 24 hours.
  7. Thanks :) I was told by the donation commonly asked questions that you get new buttons on your thread editor. I see no new buttons, I mean it's fine if their only one upgrade, but I think I'll suggest stuff to Diana or anyone on staff about being more clear about donations and what they include and how their done cause even if you click. Donation section in the FAQ or on the forums pages it won't tell you how to works. I also don't know how the donate button on the forums work, no matter what I did it wasn't working for me and would redirect to another page saying it could not do the task required or something.

    All of the commonly asked questions did not answer many of the questions I had and I'm still pretty confused. Thanks so much for your help.
  8. The donate system on the front page is new and I might not have everything set up correctly. O_O So if you get an error and things aren't working, tell me the specifics of what happened when you tried to use it. (Like if there was an error message, blank page, nothing happening, etc.) I haven't had anyone else mention a problem yet, so it may also be a browser issue.

    When you donate with the Subscriptions you should have your donator color within the hour (or less). The Donations counter system can't give you the donator perks so if you use that and want them, you have to Pm me. (For now! I am really trying to get that changed somehow. D:<)

    DONATOR PERKS: I thought there was a list already in the FAQ! O____O Sorry about that! I'll get that added asap.

    Quick list that I can remember off the top of my head:

    Bump threads
    thread owner tools (this is turned off right now because there was a conflict somewhere, but you're supposed to be able to Gm manage your roleplay threads)
    Additional Inbox Space
    Additional Character Gallery space
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  9. ... Either those other three perks are new or I was really blind during my time as a Donator. XD
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  10. I'll pm you then. Also the donate button still won't work no matter what device I use it on so I doubt it's a browser problem but I could be wrong.

    When ever you enter an amount and then click donate it will go to an iwaku error page. If you click back it starts all over. At least that what happened when I did it. Thanks a lot Diana. I'm extremely supportive of your choice to close registration I'd be so sad if this site shut down it would be the second time it happened to me.

    Thank you for listing the perks. Can u pm me if you have time or have someone pm me or make an announcement quickly when ever their turned back on. I'd be extremely greatful.

    How much additional inbox space? And it's fine sir gen, I'm just happy someone is trying to help me.
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