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So I found a sticky or something that was supposed to link to a guide of some kind, but the link was dead. This below:

Our Iwaku Roleplay 101 guide provides simple step by step instructions on how to get involved in roleplays across the site. There is also a guide with tips for brand new roleplayers.

But the link was dead. So I Googled for it, but I don't have permission to view it? No big deal, so I just lurked. I'm wanting to make sure I have the right idea before I jump in and make a complete fool of myself. Already feel a bit foolish for asking for something like this, but I would rather make sure I'm right about this. (And if there is a source for this kind of thing that I missed, just give me a good kick in the rear in the right direction.)

So basically, before you make/join a roleplay, you go to the signup forum. So then after you have/accept enough people, then you make the thread itself and those people go to it and from there it's roleplay. Something important I miss, or is that all? (Any rules on not allowing people in based on not thinking the character will work well, or is that too subjective and you have to allow all? Didn't see anything on that either, and haven't seen anyone rejected.)
Lynx, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

  1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
  2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

I'm activated and not disabled. Umm, is it possible that it's not newbie-accessible? Been posting in the OT and whatnot, but I haven't hit high enough I guess. (It says five posts but it's been more than five, so I dunno there. I just didn't pay it much attention and figured it'd go away when I wasn't a complete newb.)
Hmm. Diana has been altering the settings to prevent spam accounts from accessing the site.
She may have forgotten to allow access to the Wiki to new members.
I will ask her to look into it next I see her, but she will probably see this and look at it herself. Until then, I will tell you that the wiki has some helpful guides on how to be a conscientious and effective player, but if you want to start roleplaying, I would think that you should do a decent job.

If you have any other questions, please do ask, though.
Ah, makes sense, I'd be pretty irritated if spambots got a hold of something I did. It being a guide confused me though, since...well it's a guide, haha, kinda something a newbie should look at. I'm not inexperienced in roleplaying at least, but I just wanted to make sure I had the right idea before I started doing anything since too many places have too many different processes when it comes down to it. I haven't seen any of those "You have to have a character sheet here before you're allowed to roleplay with that character" subforums (usually where I get frustrated), so I think I've got it with that all settled.
I THINK permission settings are fixed now!

Also, I need to know where the original link you clicked is, so I can go back and fix it. D: It was linked from here. But it's fixed now, like she said. All viewable now, thanks.

EDIT: Perhaps it's fixed, just got notice saying I'm not a newbie member or something, and the required post number alert is gone now. So...not sure if that was done before or not.
We'll all pray that I fixed the right thing, then! O____O