Questions for the Questioners

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  1. 1) Why must you question everything?
    2) Why are you so persistent with questioning everything?
    3) Is it some form of existentialism?
    4) Why?
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  2. Why why why why why. Lol
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. The super answer to all these is...

    Why not
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  5. A big riddle?

    Or were you going for butt.

    I think you were trying to say life is an ass.

    I agree.
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  6. I was actually going for back, but nice shot.
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  7. "Life is a big back"?
  8. xD
  9. Care to argue my point good sir?
  10. 1) Because I'm a skeptic. I don't take anything at face value. I respect a person's right to faith, but that faith doesn't rule over my life.

    2) Because one does not obtain an answer without a question.

    3) Everything is to some extent a form of materialism or spiritualism. /Five Cent Philosophy.

    4) The greatest question.
  11. 1) It's complicated

    2) It's complicated

    3) It's complicated

    4) Since the dawn of time... Man has strived to find an answer. This is an answer that could make or break, all of existence as we know it. Prior to creation there was no evidence that "why" existed, and after it's creation it has done naught but create more questions "WHY!?" "WHERE!?!" "HOW!?!?!" "WHEN!?!?!?! and for the dumbfounded: "Wut?" It has brought the creation of some things, it has brought the destruction of others. It has been the rise of, and too will be the fall of humanity. So, in the end, is it why that you ask? The answer is and always will be......

    It's complicated.