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  1. This thread is for all the questions I and others have about why men do what they do. I'm sure I won't be able to think of all the ones I have, but I need answers.

    #1: When you're looking for the mayo (or other refrigerated condiment) do you never move anything out of the way to see if it's behind something?

    #2: Why do you insist were the prettiest first thing in the morning with our hair destroyed and possibly makeup everywhere?

    #3: Why the fascination with poop?

    #4: Are fart jokes really that funny?

    #5: What are the rules that determine what makes a good explosion?

    #6: Do you prefer...bacon or breasts?

    #7: Does it matter what kind if underwear she's wearing before you get lucky?

    #8: What's your ideal kind of first date?

    #9: Do you guys actually like to talk feelings?

    #10: What about cuddling after sex?

    #11: What's the thing with men and feet?!.

    #12: I'll come back when I have more o.o

    #13: Who would you rather in the bed to sleep with (just sleeping, pervs): your woman or your dog?

    #14: BBQ sauce or ketchup on your meat?

    #15: Mayo on your burgers...and why?

    #16 Mayo on your egg sandwich... And why?

    #17: Do you play with your snot?

    #18: How does it feel to be able to legally walk around without a shirt on?

    #19: Who is your dream celebrity woman?

    #20: Favorite form of transportation?

    #21: Would you travel the world or just stay home in your underwear?

    #22: Favorite kind if beer?

    #23: Beards and mustaches or not?

    #24: Do you do weird stuff with your 'stache like...lick them?

    #25: Weird habit no one knows?

    #26: Would you ever wear woman's underwear? For the lols or frsrs?

    #27: What is with heels in the budoir (bedroom)? Do you like it? Why?

    #28: What is the single most important quality you wish your lady friend would have?

    #29: Bros over "hoes?"

    Steamy (open)
    #30: Backdoor? Yes or no?

    #30: Would you prefer the girl make the first move?

    #31: Hook ups on first dates. It's fine? Or trashy?

    #32: Can booty calls ever become something serious, or is it doomed to fail?

    #33: How far are men willing to go with bacon? Ive seen: Bacon Soda, Maple Bacon Cookies, and Chocolate covered bacon. Isn't it TOO MUCH??

    #34: Is it possible for a single bachelor to have a place of their own, and a clean one at that?

    #35: Define how much effort goes into a Bromance?

    #36: Would you ever compare your wife to your mother?

    #37:Do you know what a womans measurements stand for? Not meaning the size in clothes and etc. Her Body Measurements

    #38:I want to know why guys like hitting each other in the balls. My friends do it all the time, even my cousins and sadly my brothers. Is it to be a dick to each other or just for some weird amusement?

    Oh Boy (open)
    Oh Boy"#39: 3Preference question: Shaved/waxed, trimmed, natural or don't care?

    #40:Are you a boobs or a bottom man? Come on. You want booty or boobs? :P

    #41: On a scale on 1-10 how bad does it REALLY hurt to get hit in the balls?

    #42: What's your thoughts on facial hair for yourself? Is it cool, or is it a hassle?

    #43: What's the most annoying thing about being a guy?

    #44: A girl who can cook, or a girl who clean?

    #45: You always hear people say what the key to a man's heart is. What is it really? (I know every guy is different. This is just your opinion. )
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  2. #1 I do move things out of the way, but my father does not.
    #2 At least for me I see the beauty in a woman when she doesn't have any make up on. Natural beauty is a wonderful thing :3
    #3 I am not fascinated by poop, it smells sometimes and needs to be flushed.
    #4 Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not. It really just depends.
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  3. 1. I do because if I want a certain food, dammit i'm finding it.

    2. Makeup doesen't matter much. The hair makes me chuckle. Ladies however are tired in the morning and act adorable in the morning sometimes so it makes me want to hug them

    3. Poop doesen't fascinate me, but I make jokes about it.

    4. Because trololololololololol
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  4. #1 Why do I need to go to such lengths to find the mayo? It should be right there on the fridge door for easy access.

    #2 Probably because we have the hardest thing in the morning and a compliment can possibly lead to *Redacted*

    #3 Poops fascinating mang, what else can I say?

    #4 (I don't get this one)
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  5. These responses are closest to my boyfriends. Especially about the mayo... I always hear

    BF: "Ugggh! We're out of mayo!"
    Me: "No were not. I just bought some."
    BF: "Well I don't see it. You're wrong."
    Me: "Did you move stuff to look?"
    BF: "Yeah, I don't see it."
    Me: "I swear if I have to come in there... move the milk!!"
    BF:"... ....."
    BF: "Well it should be in the door where I can see it!"

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  6. #1: My question is, why don't YOU find the mayo? I bought it last week and YOU don't move things around to look for it! "Look with your eyes, not with your mouth," my mom always said. Also, dammit, why are all the cabinet doors always open! I'm head height with them! You're petite! It's not a potential ocular disaster for you! (My wife does both these things. She also never refills the Brita.)

    #2: Because women look better the morning after passionate sex?

    #3: I'm a doctor. To me, its just another piece of data. I look at poop-related information maybe 60% of my day.

    #4: Yes.
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  7. Question for women:

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  8. We want you to know what we want.

    We don't want to have to tell you to do things with us. We WANT you to want to do things with us :)
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  9. #1: I do. Also I know what's where in my own fridge.
    #2: I'm assuming that by 'we' you mean 'your partner' in which case the simple answer is that it's either genuine and we really feel that way (because guys be in love too) or, since we're generalising in this thread anyway, because if we nod and agree "You're right dear, you do look horrible." we just bought our selves a one-way ticket to drama-town.
    #3: What fascination?
    #4: I'm going to assume you meant fart jokes, in which case... They're funny?
  10. I know every case is different. Those were just some general stereotypes that I've seen and encountered myself.
  11. As far as the poop, I get where you're coming from. When I worked at the hospital it was strange how much it came up in personal conversation. .. >>
  12. #1: I look at the tops of everything, less effort.

    #2: Disorder is hot.

    #3: This one's new to me...

    #4: There are boundaries. Some. Pranks aren't allowed if everyone in your guy group isn't a dick.
    Unless that question actually means fart jokes. Those are somewhat humorous.
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  14. Hahaha! Not quite what I was referring to ^^;
    You know those headaches come on so fast..
  15. My head's also aching.

    Wait, wrong head.
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  16. OH GOD
  17. That's what she said.

    ....what? You all were thinking it.
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  18. ...And I now begin to question my maturity.
  19. 1. I tear the fridge apart looking for stuff, if I know we got something. Since I usually put stuff away, I know it's in there.

    2. If she's really going to ask me and expect me to step right in to the bear trap, she is sadly mistaken. I might have some eye trouble, but I can spot a trap from a mile away.

    3. I entertain no such fascination.

    4. I find no entertainment value in flatulence ... unless it was timed in such a way that it was amusing. That doesn't happen often.
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  20. [​IMG]





    and of course, no "It's a trap!" post is ever complete without this:


    If you get it, you get it.

    If you don't, that's okay too. I forgive you. But you should play Guilty Gear because its a fun game.