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  1. Why is everything being removed? Is there not enough coders working for iwaku or whats the problem here? Is iwaku not getting enough money? i haven't looked at the donating thing in a while so i dont know. What is the REAL problem to why everything is getting removed? Because i fear that iwaku will soon remove most of its features to the point where the site just might get deleted all together. We need all these bugs out of here so we can get notifications and messages and watched threads and the most biggest thing, Groups. Not being pushy for a fix i just want a complete reason to why everything is being bugged and removed.
  2. From what I've read so far, the features who were removed (Watched Threads Folders and Groups) are outdated features who haven't got the update from XenForo who created the Forum Software that Iwaku (and many other sites) used. Kinda like how Flash is slowly being replaced by HTML5. Rather than keeping a buggy feature that could break the site (Iwaku's a BIG site lol), better to remove it. It's the better of two evils.


    Chill, dude.

    I am calling the almighty admins and tech support! @Diana @Vay @Blind Hemingway @jared555 Heed my call! *Thunder strikes*
  3. It's like how @Izurich said, the site isn't going down, far from it! But what you need to understand is Iwaku isn't built from scratch and is supported by XenForo. Unfortunately the groups were no longer supported (and the blogs aren't either but they're not in danger of being out dated yet, but the folders I think were in the same boat but you'll still have your watched threads in one convenient place) and had to be taken down (they became too buggy to allow continue use and are in danger of becoming completely unusable to those who still have group's running). But everything else works fine ^.^ I'm sure someone not as lazy I am will soon come along and post the announcements explaining the what's, why's, and how's but until then feel free to browse the Announcement and News forum at your leisure :)
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  4. Do not fear! It's not a conspiracy, it's not a downhill, it's not a doomsday! The end is not near!

    Notifications, Messages, and Watched Threads all still work. It was the Watched Thread Folders feature which was removed.

    You have to understand that, put simply, the way the site works is by adding modules to the base forum architecture, which is powered by XenForo. This is why if you've ever been on another XenForo forum, it looks similar to this and has a similar feel.

    The Admin team fleshes out the site by adding modules to the base skeleton, but the modules are basically always independently developed. Because of that, there is no guarantee that there will always be compatibility with other modules, and sometimes as new features are added, old ones get broken or become really buggy.

    The Groups feature was a problematic one because we haven't yet found a suitable replacement for it, but the person who developed the module is no longer updating it, which basically causes more things inside of it to break any time the forum undergoes an update. Rather than letting it sit stagnant and grow worse, it will be taken out to avoid future problems. We're still looking for a good replacement function, but there's no telling how long that's going to take.

    Rest assured! We are safe, and while we know it's an inconvenience not to be able to create new groups, we're looking for a solution.
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  5. Oh, and if you're having an issue receiving alerts, the alerts are programmed with an anti-spam filter thingy so if you open your alerts but don't look at all of them, the alert system will assume you don't want to recieved further alerts for that specific thing and will refrain from further alerting you :)

    (If this isn't what you meant by notifications you can ignore this.)
  6. Most of the features you mention were not made by Xenforo.

    They were 3rd party add-ons that we either picked up free of paid for that are no longer supported by their creators (again not xenforo themselves) are cause problems when used with the latest version of xenforo. Like a program or game that you can no longer run safely on the latest version of windows, pretty much the same idea. The reason they are disappearing is not because Iwaku is dying, quite the opposite. We remove them to create the most stable and usable experience we possibly can while still keeping up with the latest xenforo features/admin tools and security enhancements.

    Ever feature we removed has been tested, and the benefits weighed against the drawbacks and risks and yes there have been times where we have delayed updating the forum for several months while waiting for certain add-ons to be updated.

    We put this time and research in because we care... not because Iwaku is a sinking ship and the rats have long since left.

    @Izurich I will be back later to collect the price of summoning me. Please put your affairs in order before then.
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  8. Did she really just call you because of what i said? She going to get in trouble now?
  9. Oh my such a panic. O__O

    Everyone else, especially my Vayqueen has explained what's up with the removals. <3 We have to keep the core software up to date so we get our security fixes. But sometimes mods will get out of date over time if the mod developers are no longer working on that mod. Just like Vay said with video games!

    Iwaku has been around for over 10 years now, and there have been soooooo many changes and evolutions over the years. O__O We've prolly added and removed and readded and removed stuff a thousand times now. That's totally normal for a site that has been around a long time and is being properly taken care of.
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    WE CAN'T BE SILENCED FO--*gets dragged off by some thugs in owl costumes*
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  11. Time to lock you up somewhere no one will ever find you ]:

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