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  1. I go on Iwaku on my laptop and my mobile. What happens if the online status is unchecked from my mobile but not from my laptop? How about vice versa? Or is it one of those logical and reasoning things where if you're logged in and decide to uncheck the 'show your online status' box it won't show up anyways no matter what device you're on? I'm wondering because I sometimes log out from my mobile, but not my laptop, and vice versa.
  2. 99.9% of the settings are account based and will not change if you switch from laptop to mobile!

    The only exception I can think of at the moment is the "Leave me logged in"/"Remember me" check box. That is a browser based setting.
  3. I use the "keep me logged in" check box sometimes for laptop and sometimes for mobile. Hypothetically speaking, if I keep myself logged in with my online status showing on mobile, and then transfer to my laptop and log in (without using the "keep me logged in" check box) and that doesn't have the "show online status" checkbox mark, would people still know that I'm logged in even if I log out of my laptop and return to mobile (or maybe the "show online status" would still be there because you have it on mobile)?

    I'm sorry if this sounds in any way confusing; I try to explain as best as I can because I don't have any way to acreenshot images! Dx

    There's also the possibility that I may have misinterpreted your explanation as well... .__.;
  4. The show online status marker will stay whatever the last thing you set it as! O_O
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  5. Okay~ Thank you!
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