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  1. How does one make a roleplay? I see three different forums I might need to post in but I am still rather confused.
    So what order do you post on the forums to create a roleplay?
  2. Interest check - If you have an idea, but aren't certain if anyone would be interested, and want to check this out before you start the main thread and out of character thread, then you post it in interest check.

    Group roleplays - There's many genres in there to choose from. When clicking on a genre you must go to the signup and plot discussion section for that genre first. (Except for in the jump in section, because there you can jump into roleplays without any bio (if nothing else is stated by the GM) or having to sign up in a sign up thread.) The signup and plot discussion can be found on the top, above all the in character threads when you've entered a section (fantasy for example). Either create your own roleplay if you have a plot you want to do, or look around for a roleplay you can join. If you're uncertain if they're still taking in people, then you can always ask.

    Personally I would suggest to start in the jump in section. It's a great way to just get things going fast while getting used to the site.

    One x one roleplays - As the name states, this is for people who wants to do roleplays with only one partner in each roleplay. Just like in the group section, there's different genres to choose from and each genres have their own sub forum for partner searching and out of character talk (though most people tend to take character talk to PM once the roleplay has started). If you don't have a specific genre in mind, just post your partner searching thread in the general partner request. Otherwise it's good to pick a specific genre so people interested in that genre easily can find you. One x one is a good way to start if you're not sure how to handle bigger groups, or if you just want to start out a bit easier.

    Libertine/Liberteen - Sexual roleplays goes there. Libertine are for adults, and liberteen for teens. If you roleplay sexual content with someone outside of your age group you might get banned eventually. There's one in the group section and one in the one x one section, and also there's a plot discussion section inside both of them.

    So in what order do one create an rp?

    Depends on what you want to do.

    Jump in section. Just create the in character thread. Nothing else is necessary.

    Group section. Create the OOC (out of character) first so that people can sign up, then when enough people have signed up, create the In character thread.

    One x one section. OOC to find a partner, or pm someone you want to play with, if they accept you won't need the OOC thread, except if you want one to talk about the rp. Once you have a partner, no matter which way you've gotten them, you write the first in character post in the appropriate genre.

    I think I were able to get everything. I hope this took away some confusion, otherwise it's just to ask further. The best way to understand how things works are probably to look around in each section and see how other people have handled their partner searches ;)
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