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  1. I'm fairly new and still trying to figure out how this site works. I've looked all over for this, but I can't seem to find the answer, but maybe I missed it somewhere.

    I bumped my interest check the other day and it was edited for spam, but I've seen other people bumping their threads who weren't edited. Is it spam or not? Are thread bumps not allowed, or is there a certain way to do it? I'm just wondering if there are extra rules somewhere that I'm failing to find? Sorry if this is a dumb question D;
  2. Bumping in the form of one word or one emotion icon is not allowed.

    As Diana has said in another thread, bumping is allowed in OOC & Signup threads once a day/once every few days, but NOT with words like bump. stuff like "I still need partners" or "this rp is still open" is okay.

    Even though she wrote it in 2009, we've had discussions about it recently and the same rules still applies. You can see hers and another staffers post on the topic here.

    Staff and Volunteers can't be everywhere all the time, sometimes we miss bumps, and sometimes a lot of posts has come after the bump before we've gotten to that thread, thus we might not see it when skimming through the thread. But bumps as in "bump" or "nudge" or ":blah:" is not allowed.

    (I was sure there were a section about bumping in the FAQ before, but no matter how hard I searched for it today I just couldn't find it. Otherwise I would have linked that to you as well.)
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  3. Thanks for the reply! I wondered about the one word thing.