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  1. I notice now that there is information underneath our profile pics and one of those things it has is characters. I've looked around, but don't know how to make my own characters yet. Anyone care to help me and tell me how I can make my own character list and how extensive it is?
  2. Look up top at the bar between Groups & Blogs is Characters that will take you to the Character Vault.
  3. At the top of the page on PC (the drop down menu next to 'groups' on mobile) there's an option called 'characters'. From there you should find an 'add character button!

    It's as extensive as you want it to be, in that you can file as many or as few characters as you like! The only requirement is that you need to have a picture (the Character vault is reno'd from a media gallery). But the Writing and Art Museum can help you with that!
  4. Thanks everybody! Your all awesome!
  5. Oh another question I just thought of. Is canon characters alright? Or strictly OC's?
  6. If you're making a bio for a particular RP I would think a cannon character would be fine. You might want to note that it's such at the begining so people unfamiliar with the work it's from don't try to recruit you & the character.
  7. OK I got it! Thanks everybody!