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This seemed like the most suitable place to ask a question... unless I'm being dumb and missing a whole Q&A forum. =[

Anyway, I feel dumb asking, but you know how if you click the BG color icon, or the icon with the dotted or solid lined border, (the options right about where it says [Spoiler +]), it tells you to enter the option?

What does that mean? I thought it meant a color code, but I did that and nothing happened...
It IS supposed to be a color code entered there. Either a named color like "teal" or a hex value WITH the # symbol like "#ff0000".

How was it not working?
I've gotten one or two people asking about this as well. It'll be something like [color=hex value WITH the # symbol] LOLTEXT[/COLOR] and it doesn't convert the letters.
I know we've been having a weird bug problem with color codes (When people use the Advanced WGISblah editor) being in RGB value instead of Hex codes and I'm trying to find a fix for that. ><
I would put in FFFFFF or some other color code and it didn't show up in the preview or the final post. It was as if there was no code at all.
...Wait, do I need to put the # before the color code... lemme test it out right now...



It's been a while since I've done HTML. I used to have my own sites and everything (Sailor Moon shrines ftw). How the hell did I make that mistake lol