Question to All You Writers

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  1. So in the morning right after I get up and do my morning routine, you know, brush my teeth, shower, have some breakfast, check up on Iwaku, I start writing my novel. The amount of time I spend on it depends on my mood and my level of inspiration. There will be times however when I force myself to just write... This may or may not work well. (I wouldn't know because I don't always go back and read what I wrote.) I typically get about a page or two cranked out in the morning. I may continue to work on it during the day.

    But here's what I wanted to know about you other writers. Are you like me, where you have to set aside some time during the day to write? Is it easy for you to find inspiration? Do you have an outline for your book or do you just write off of the top of your head? Do you purposefully not go back and read what you wrote because you're afraid of it sounding horrible? ​
  2. Oh dear lord.

    Okay so I have attempted to write so many books/fanfiction/ things like that but I have NEVER finished one yet! Mostly due to my mother throwing away my books I used to write with (ugh.) and my friend and I had finished a co-op fanfic we had been writing for a site but that got blown up because she had no inspiration to type out the chapter and post it online (ugh again -.-)

    But for me, I usually only write when I am inspired, so I usually keep a playlist of the book I'm writing on repeat and shuffle to get different moods in and to keep me interested. I have to re-read my stuff because I have an unorthodox way of writing so I forget what idea I was getting to. I do sometimes have outlines, liek I was writing a book/story about a dream I had one time because it was the most epic dream I have ever had in a really long time, and i knew I was going to forget it so I wrote the basics down and kept them to make sure I knew what I was doing.


    I am hoping to start and finish a story on that site I was talking about earlier because I want to at least accomplish something in my life before I die :3
  3. Unfortunately, I only write when I am really in the mood for writing, but even then, my prose slips sometimes. I tried changing this habit, and have almost succeeded, but then my computer got wiped, so because I usally write on the computer, I was forced to stop before writing became a habit, and have never bothered since then. I also rewrite everything that I have written several times, using a writing method that involves at least four steps.

    However, I do have many, many ideas, far too many to write them down, and thus, I always have lots and lots of projects. I have recently started to organise my notes, ideas and start serious world-building, but that process is slow and gradual as I have lots and lots of notes all over the place.

    When I write, I at least tend to have a general idea of the plot, but it is usually very flexible, and I may have to rewrite or rethink a story several times before I feel like I finally have the right perspective and the right formula. So I usually tend to read my own works a lot, which also helps me to keep my own writing style as my reading always affects the way I write.