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  1. Well I found a thread that sort of answered my question: Is there any content not allowed on Iwaku?

    However, I find myself a little hesitant.

    I am a horror artist...and if imaginary gore is indeed allowed, then how should I be expected to tag it, or warn people who really don't want to see it?

    Do you enforce warnings in the title of the thread, or above the art? Should the art be placed in a spoiler?

    Also, I can't seem to find an art thread in the mature section. Does this mean I cannot post any of my mature art, or that I can post mature art in the regular art section with a warning?

    Last question, this is related to roleplay: anything and everything content-wise is allowed in a roleplay, as long as it's in the right section? (except for kiddie pron obviously)
  2. I would suggest putting your art in spoilers and putting a warning in the title. If you want to display your art, you can either add it to the smutclub (for sexy shtuff) or once again put spoilers and warnings in your showcase. In order to show off your artwork you can just make a thread in showcases... like a just mentioned in the previous sentence.

    As for content... things need to be in the right section, and if it is mature.. then it should go in the mature forum. A smut scene is allowed in the one on one fourm as long as it is surrounded by spoilers tags, and there aren't pages and pages of it.
  3. Alright, this all makes sense. Thank you. ^^