Question of Honour; what does that really mean to you?

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  1. Yes, as cheesy as this subject is, I wanted to know. I am honestly curious, and it'll help me settle quite a few things.

    In your eyes, what is honour? Honourable and dishonourable? What forms do you abide by, or disagree with? Is it just to call someone a liar, then find out sometime afterwards that it was a misunderstanding?

    In your eyes, what do you consider an honourable lie and a flat out lie? Brutal honesty vs. normal honesty.

    This, is my point of view (my opinion. If you don't agree with it, please tell me. Should suit for a good discussion, but I will not argue with others because this is nothing to get mad over)

    Honour in my eyes means somebody who is truthful. They keep their cool even when people call them liars, because they know better and what others say doesn't have any effect on them. In a situation that called this, the best route to go is let the people believe what they want, but that shouldn't change what your view point is on yourself. Treating others as you would treat yourself or better if the case arises that you do not treat yourself well. Loyalty is a must but be honest to yourself when people treat you cruelly.

    Dishonour is questioning whether someone is lying or not without grounds, or just to start a fight. Having no morals, and going out of your way to hurt others is my version of dishonour. Letting people walk all over you, or doing the same to others.