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  1. Yeah so I'm new!! Well not to role play, I've been role playing about five years now. To this site thought I'm not. Like I already said >_> so ummmm nice to meet you? I guess?

    Oh and I'd very much love if some one help me out with putting a GIF up on my signature. Please and thank you.
  2. Hello DragonChaos. What's up?​
  3. Global temperature, sea levels, anger, hunger, darkness. Is what's up.
  4. I don't think darkness would be up. Darkness is kinda every where without light, even down.
  5. Eh. Fine the stars.
  6. Well who says the stars are up? What about the stars in the universes below ours?.....I'm being such a smart ass right now. xD Any who, got any idea how to put a GIF in a signature?
  7. Smartass....

    I've no clue.
  8. I am indeed, and damn!......Looks like I have to go looking then!
  9. Your signature is exceedingly disturbing.
  10. awww now what's wrong with Haunter? :P