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  1. I am putting together a rather complex roleplay. The way I am planning on putting everything together I will need a program to do some graphic work. I'm looking for something that will allow me to do text overlays, clean image cutting and some generic backgrounds.

    Any suggestions? I should mention I am looking for a free program.
  2. I use Gimp with great results. I've never not been able to do what I needed with it. Which reminds me, I should update my Gimp.
  3. Did you make your ava/sig set with it?

    Thanks for the link.
  4. I did actually. I have a few other things I've done with it in my RPs here and a set for a friend as well. There are lots of tutorials as well and you can always drop me a PM if you needed help. I've been fumbling about with it for a few years now.
  5. That's awesome!

    I used to have CS5 so I am familiar with manipulation software but I will keep that in mind. Thanks again!
  6. My pleasure.
  7. Free? Now that's tricky.

    I'd say: Gimp/Paint.NET/SumoPaint because of the overlays you want to achieve.

    You can always torrent a copy of CS5 and use a keygen, but you know, we're good internet people and good internet people don't do that.
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  8. I also back GIMP for free programs! There's a lot of available tutorials for it too!
  9. I have been having a great deal of success with GIMP. Thank you all for your help.

    <_< Now if I could just get my tabs to work correctly...
  10. As everyone has already said, GIMP is the best free program out there. I use it once in awhile.
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