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  1. So I'm one of those people who can barely keep a plant alive no matter how hard I try.

    Recently a friend gave me a potted Calla Lily. I would really like to keep it growing, green, and happy.
    I've done my best.
    I re-potted it into a bigger pot, water it regularly, I put it in the sunniest location in my apartment.
    But it's still dying. :(

    Are there any people out there with green thumbs who can give me advice on how to save the poor plant?
    Advice would be much appreciated.
  2. I don't think they are supposed to be watered that often. I keep mine in bright, but not direct sunlight and give it 5 ice cubes once a week or so (sometimes that "so" is more like every two weeks). It is still alive after almost a year so my indifference seems to be working.
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  3. I don't know much about taking care of plants XP Although I have kept a plant alive for a full life though I'm sure it was an easier one to take care of. I would just say find out the plant you're supposed to take care of, and google all about it.

    If nothing works, then Is your household negative at all? Something rather odd with rice of all things is it reacts to negativity or positive energy. There's a experiment my English teacher did for fun which was 3 jars of rice. One you give a loving feel to, the other you leave alone, and the 3rd you give a negative feel to/insult/whatever. The insulted one died quickly, the one who was left alone was meh, and the one that was all loved and stuff stayed the brightest and lasted the longest. Simple jars of rice. I'm pretty sure that translates to plants too though it's something I never looked into as I don't have any plants to take care of XP
  4. Google is your friend. Check this might be helpful:
    Learn How To Grow And Care For Calla Lily Flowers

    It could be that it's not draining well, could be that you're watering it too often. Could be a lot of things. Just try to learn all you can about this type of flower honestly. it helps.
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  5. Thanks all
    I might have over watered
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