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  1. guys, I'm gonna be an auntie this summer! I'm also an amateur seamstress. Since this is my sister's first kid, she needs baby stuff!

    Besides receiving blankets, what are some simple/easy things I could sew for her in the next few months?
  2. Onesies! If he/she is going to be born in the summer, onesies are essential, and you can never have enough of them. They're great all year round, but summer time that's pretty much all I dressed my kids in when they were babies.

    If it's a girl, cute little diaper covers to wear under dresses. Careful with elastic though, because it really can irritate skin.

    My mom used to make keepsake photo albums with material that matched the nursery. They're really cute, and they last for just about ever. Plus, you don't have to worry about the baby growing out of it. They grow really fast. Too fast. My baby is going to be 15 next month. :(
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  3. Burp rags. I can't tell you how many I went through in a day.
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  4. I'm not a parent, though as the eldest son of my family, counting cousins and the like, I helped take care of my siblings and at times my aunt's children too.

    That said, Diapers is probably the greatest gift one could ever give... lots and lots of diapers. You could never give too many of them.

    That said, Congratz to your sister being a mother, and congratz to you for being an auntie. ^^
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  5. i have had lots of adventures in babysitting lil babies O__O

    burp rags, yes. lots of them. LOTS OF THEM. because there will be barf and drool and poop and drool and boogers and sticky stuff

    Baby wipes forever. like boxes and boxes and boxes.

    and diapers. c______c is okay to stock up ones that are too big cause they'll grow in to them fast.

    Socks. because socks somehow vanish.
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  6. Lots of diapers is only good if you keep the baby's growth in mind. Otherwise you just give them crap they don't need and their kid will give them plenty of that.

    I would go with a knitted helmet. Yarn it up nice and thick like, too. That way your sister can rest easier knowing her kid has a higher DT.
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  7. A lot of this sounds like stuff I can make even without my machine! Awesome!
  8. Someone made a special "changing mat" for my mum when my brother was born. It was lightweight and foldable with machine washable soft terry cloth material... might be easier to buy, though, thinking on it. Still, useful thing.
  9. *Burp Rags (I went through a TON
    **A nursing cover (if she will breastfeed) and look up the infinity scarf covers. Ilove mine.
    Changing pad
    Car seat cover with velcro loops to go over the handles so it stays on
    **A big plush baby seat. They're easy to make. Baby Lounger (Bower Power)
    Chaging pad covers (Go through a TON of these)
    Bassinet sheets
    Crib sheets/blankets
    *Soft Washcloths/towels with a hoodie
    Thick cushy blanket for the floor
    You could sew or crochet little balls for them to play with
    Bibs (make them BIIIG and cover everywhere) like this
    This is a great idea!
    And this!
    If she's having a girl these. My baby wears them everyday! Looove them
    Also if you can sew like little pouches that hold rice or wooden beads and make sure it's sewn up really well that'd be great for teething.

    ****Also you can sew little squares of thin fabric with rice inside. Your sister can put them in the freezer and use them for her breasts to help the milk let down, and also microwave it and use them if her breasts are sore or she gets mastitis. You can also use these as like a "boo boo fixer" for the kids. When they're older and they bump thier knee we just put the cold pouch on it and it's all better. For the breast ones they make some called "booby tubes" that I have and loved them when I first started nursing, but you can easily make them.

    I put stars by my favs and must haves.
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