Question after Question.

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Question after Question

Answer the poster above you with a question, and on and on it goes.

1st poster: How are you?
2ed poster: If I was bad would you really want to know?
3rd poster: Are you really that bad?

Bad examples, but you get the point!
I'll start.

What kind of person
are you>?

Shouldn't you already know?
Are all your questions nonsensical>?
Do you think that asking more questions will help you better understand me>?
Isn't that what this thread is about? :D
Isn't this thread was about glittery ponies?
Glittery ponies!? :D
Even MORE glittery ponies?! :D
Haven't you ALL had enough glittering ponies?
How about this tasty ranch dipping sauce?
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
What wouldn't you like?
What do you think?
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