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  1. Merging is when you merge one account into another, right? I'm just curious- what exactly do you merge? Every little thing? If someone were to merge, would the current account name change back or be put on the previous names list?
  2. Um, sorry for my extremely stupid questions and the reason for needing confirmation...? >>
  3. Where are you even seeing a thing about merging? I've looked all around my user options and the FAQ to see if I could find an answer for you, but I can't find any mention of merging things.
  4. Merging accounts only happens when someone has two (or more) accounts for any reason. Usually because they didn't know that two accounts isn't allowed on iwaku. I'm not sure how the process works, but I'm guessing Diana lets the one needing their accounts merged choose which username they should keep. (Otherwise it's just to change it in the settings after the merging is done). As for the rest, I'm guessing things like the rp resume or account details can't be merged into one another since there's only one per account, thus you should logically keep the one of the account which name you've kept. For things you can have multiple of, like followers/following, blog posts, forum posts, groups, they will all most likely be moved to the account the person has chosen to keep and then everything will go beneath that username instead of the other one.

    I'm no expert on the subject since I've never had accounts merged nor been a staff member that has done merging, but I can imagine it would be something like that. If someone needs to get their account merged I'm sure Diana tells them what will happen and if the person needs to save something if it can't be merged into the other account.
  5. Redblood has explained the jist of it. :]

    When two accounts get merged, we merge it in to the account the member chooses, if they didn't choose, we merge in to the newest account. All posts, PMs, profile mesages and account details get merged in to the new account. Stuff like the profile and resume do not because of the way they are set up.
  6. Do ratings get merged?
  7. Since the posts gets merged into one account, the ratings most likely comes with them.
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