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  1. This is a RP related discussion, I didn't know where else to post it except here but if there is a more convenient place please let me know.

    Anyways, how do you prefer to introduce your character in a roleplay? And how do you like other people to? I see many people doing it in different ways on threads, posting a picture and basic profile, a typed description, sometimes just a picture. Does it effect you if you have a picture of their character or not? All things I'm curious about, just interested to see how you guys prefer to do things.
  2. It all comes down to the character in question and the roleplay, maybe I set them up to be seen, maybe they'll step up and speak first.
    Pictures are nice references to fall back on, especially if you're garbage at describing unique traits for someone one like I am a lot of the time.

    It all boils down to preference, though I haven't yet run into someone who wouldn't RP with me because I didn't have a character picture.
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  3. Idem here.^^

    I am exactly the same with your opinion stated here.~

    Normally on my plays, I add picture along the role play to. As far as it goes for the character, I post more than one [ except the One in the CS ] to prove my point in a certain situation and etc.
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  4. I collect character art that's neat or inspiring for just that reason.

    If it's not in my collection, then I'll write it out how they look with extra details (scars, tattoos, birth marks, etc) as they're shown in the RP.
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  5. "Show, don't tell" is a good rule of thumb for writing, and it applies doubly so with a character's intro.

    The way not to do it is through information dump. Don't just say "Jeremy Gigaballs is aggressive". That's fucking lazy. Demonstrate that he's aggressive; have him get up in the face of one of the other characters, perhaps, because not only are you ensuring that people take notice of Jeremy you're also giving the other players something to work with. Don't just say "Jeremy is also a bit sadistic". That's dull as shit. Describe the nasty glint in Jeremy's eyes when he's hurting someone, or perhaps the way he smiled just a bit too wide in violent situations. You're writing a more interesting character, and giving your fellow players the benefit of the doubt that they're not morons.

    Your intro is the teaser trailer for what your character is going to be like. Don't just dump out everything about them at once: that's spoiling it.
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  6. I always kinda prefer a picture (at first I hated the idea) because it's pretty (yay pretty CS) but also because it makes things clearer and more concise. Big CS's are fun but I've seen people who go apeshit and have like 8 paragraphs describing every detail of a person's appearance (and somehow, in the longest way possible. I'll try to copy and mention every detail and only get 3 paragraphs?!?). Plus, you get a better picture. So all you end up needing to say is "Oh blonde hair this long this type this kind of eyes this tall this weight" and then mention anything strange or different instead of saying "Her nose is long and narrow" "Her eyes are almond shaped" "He had a heart shaped face but it was pointy at the chin and kind of gaunt cheeks" Like no. You have a picture now.

    And sometimes I'm even a fan of not using paragraphs for personalities and stuff: Instead just listing a trait and a brief description. Like
    Adventurous - blahblahblah
    Quiet - blahblahblah

    Makes things clearer.

    And intro's I feel generally have to bring your character into the start of the plot, set them up as a person, and I also feel it should leave your character open for interaction and advancement, but that's just me. I don't really care about having character banners or anything and it kinda urks me out when people info dump their character in anything but a jump-in. I feel the character should be introduced by their actions and not your words, y'know?
  7. Great inputs. I'm mostly into doing what Grumpy said. I personally suck at character sheets and just listing off everything about them physically and mentally in an orderly manner, I'm a lot better at just fitting all that into a starter or a reply.
  8. Don't get me wrong; having a character sheet is handy, because it helps you lay out what your character is all about.

    But I do notice a lot of people just using their intros as a Character Sheet Mk. 2, and it seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity.
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  9. To me a character sheet is about reference though, not something to straight out post as a start for a roleplay.

    Actually, I guess it all depends on a roleplay, I can imagine some situations where seeing a character profile like that would be benefiting.
  10. Complete a character sheet, wait for it to be accepted, find something in the IC-thread to react to, do that and set something up for others to react to within the same post. RP'ing commence.

    Basically, you just want to make your introduction relevant to other players. They'll get to meet your character as the RP goes on anyway, because the entire point of RP'ing is interaction ;)
  11. Once again, I am back into this thread ^^

    The fact is, as stated on various occasions here and there, in some Stories ( if not in almost All if Them ) it's necessary for the Players to have the CS settled already for the RP.

    Even in my case, sometimes, I simply make the intro post and from here things flow as the story progresses.( this goes due the fact of me speaking via Pm with my partners, and there is no need of making a CS ).

    Therefore, also is good for example, as if you don't make a CS and just reveal the character's story and emotions down the line.

    Then again, most of the RP's require an CS with minimum back story, name and so on.^^

    It's relevant.
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