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  1. Hello There.

    I'm presently wondering if anyone is interested in an fantasy-type roleplay.

    I'll play male or female character. It doesn't really matter to me.

    Just about an plot is fine with me. The only thing I'm unwilling to do is slave-master based.

    Let me know if you're interested (:
  2. I could be interested and I do have one plot that is semi fantasy semi sci-fi semi apocalypse awesome sexy plotness.
  3. Care to share your idea? It sounds interesting. :)
  4. Well it's based in the distant future, long after world war III the world fell back into the end of the bronze age as far as technology is concerned. There is an order that rules over this new world known as the Clerics, there is one for each task, medicine, sciences, farming, law... ect ect. They are not allowed to love and they are forever bound to their duty. To an extent they suppress what they know the old world and to another they know very little. Within this world there is a chance for magic to exist if we wish, or for anthropomorphism if it is requested and that does create a bit more intrigue when they wouldn't have any idea what humans were. As I said though it's up to you.

    Plot wise the play would run as the cleric of medicine, typically female, would have lost her partner who would be the cleric of science and as such a replacement is sent. The two of them however would end up having to flee the order as a forbidden romance is formed and found out.
  5. Excellent! I actually quite like the idea. :3
  6. Aye, that was the overly short version of the universe I have for it. So, I would say I will play the cleric of medicine since she is the main pusher for the plot line but I don't know how you take a male playing a female...
  7. I can handle playing the male character. It really shouldn't be a problem.

    Plus, you did come up with the plot so it'd be better if you were the female anyway.
  8. Sweetness... another question, anthropomorphic and magic, either acceptable or no?
  9. ​Both are fine with me.
  10. Well huzzah! I am glad someone can play anthropomorphic on here as many are too afraid of being called a furry. Any questions or shall I start?
  11. Nope no questions. Go Ahead an start :)