Quester: Shattered Sky

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  1. For Centuries there were whispers…..

    Among all the people of the multi-verse there were whispers of secret societies who know that everything of substance existed on the thin edge of doom from which only a single mighty Spell protected all of reality.

    The Spell that lived…..

    The whispers told of a Spell so vast that it connected all of reality to itself but, and with this the rumors became dark and blood soaked, it had to be continually recast by living people: people who were part of the Spell and continuously strived against each other so that one or another could gain ascendancy within the spell and then control it, thereby controlling the multiverse through its power. They strove, they fought and often, so it was said only on nights when the storms raged high and none could come upon them in secret, they gave their life’s blood for this cause; spilling it out for the right to rule.

    Then the Storm broke….

    All across the multiverse a savage storms raged, like no other in all of history. It broke like a wave moving from world to world and universe to universe and smashing down people and places in its wake. Some died, some disappeared, and some went insane as the world around them changed. Suddenly there were no more worlds; only splinters of them all surrounded with a gray mist. The societies that people knew passed away like they had never been.

    Reality splintered and everything was new…

    On worlds that had never had a trace magic spells started to work and people were suddenly confronted by things that they had relegated to myth and legend. In other places suddenly books became small technical devices that evolved personalities of their own. And everywhere people and places that had been thought to be fictional could appear and become a part of anyone’s life. Chaos would have raged if anyone had the time to spare from simply surviving.

    Then the truth was there among the peoples….

    They seemed to come out of the woodwork: people that wore gray as their standard or those that wore Black and white. They came out and confirmed that the Multiverse had indeed been held together for millennia by a Great Spell of Balance and that their secret War against each other was meant to maintain and continuously cast the Spell through the direction and grace of the Ladies of Change and Preservation and so hold the universe together. But something had gone wrong, none of them knew what but there were dark rumors that each Lady had tried to destroy the other and bring the multiverse under their complete control. Some argued for one, some for another but neither Lady had been seen since what came to be known as the day the Sky Shattered.

    The peoples demand a healing….

    And the call is going out throughout the splintered worlds for those who can take the Quest to find what happened. To find the Ladies of Change and Preservation and make them mend the multiverse that they had broken by their unbridled lust for power. The Gray cloaks who call themselves Questers, and the white and Black cloaks who call themselves Wayfinders now lead the forefront. For the sheer sake of survival they are cooperating for the first time in History. As they struggle to help others endure they, and others who seek the end of the splintering, strive to find the truth and find a way to remake the Multiverse…..and they need all the help they can get.

    Quester: Shattered Sky

    On the World of Pree, an Earth alternate where Dragons, Elves, Dwarves and other such races dwell with humans and where magic is common…
    An adventurers of various kinds are caught is at the small inn in the village of Clamecy, France when a storm of unprecedented proportions descends after which nothing will ever be the same again. Tangled in the madness is a zoo from the American city of Rochester, New York, of another Earth where strange things are happening among the animals.

    GM: Dog_mu

    Available Roles: four to six adventurers and subsidiary village dwellers upon request.

    On the world in which the Leverage Team help those victimized by the rich steal back what is precious to them.

    The team is driving back post-Con through Rochester, NY when they stop off at Gitsis, a popular all night diner to get some rest from the road and from the smell of Lucille when a storm from hell descends making even the thought of getting to Lucille an impossibility. Hours pass and Nate meets someone who could be a new client, but when the storm lifts the entire city is blacked out. Everywhere is dark, except for the lights of Gitsis.

    GM: CelaSilver

    Available Roles:

    Nate Ford – the Mastermind of the Leverage team. They are similar to Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Nate is a former insurance investigator who chased thieves to recover stolen items. Now he helps people who have no one else to turn to in order to make things right.

    Sophie Devereaux – a First Class Grifter or Con-woman. She is also an actress who can’t act well unless she’s working a Con.

    Alec Hardison – the Hacker. He can get into almost any electronic media. If it has a keypad he can hack it. After the shattering he will discover some interesting things happen only around him.

    Parker (no other name) – the Thief. She loves to pick pockets, pick locks and crack safes. She is always trying to beat her best time whenever she picks a lock. She loves repelling down buildings, down elevator shafts and crawling through ventilation shafts. She is awkward around most people because she has no real social skills and is always looking to Sophie to help her when she is called on to do a grift.

    Eliot-The Hitter: (Role has been filled at this time)

    Original characters – the Victim, the Mark, and others. We will entertain any interesting character ideas for bit players.

    This game starts during Season 4 of the show.

    At the center of the Shattering: (Live chat game)

    Arivinna, the Lady of Change, her two husbands Gareth and Diarmait, their children, and their friends have been confined in Gareth’s magical garden home since the night that her children were born. It has been nine years by their reckoning and although Arivinna knows that terrible things are happening beyond the Garden they have not found a way to get out. Then one day a woman appears at the Eastern Gate looking for someone called the Doctor and suddenly there is hope that they may escape their captivity and go out to find a way to fix what has shattered.

    GM: mphelmsman

    Available Roles:

    Rose( Post Journey’s End)- The meta crisis Doctor never survived the weight of the knowledge of the Time Lord’s running through his head but before he died he urged Rose to find a way back to ‘Him’. She was roaming the universe in which Pet’s world existed in a stolen ship until the Shattering caught her on a world and she found that magical gates connected the splinters. She has been traveling non-stop hoping to find the Doctor who she is sure can fix what has happened.

    The Doctor-At the End of Time the tenth Doctor says he doesn’t want to go. He never imagines that there might be a being that can enforce that choice and stop the regenerating process.

    Jack Harkness and the Torchwood team will be available after a certain point in the game.

    Game information

    Three game/story lines will be running at the same time; two sub-storylines (Pree and Leverage)and one ‘epic’ storyline. Each will be run primarily by one GM but all three GMs will be participating in all three storylines. The sub games will be run as post by post games but the ‘epic’ will be run live through chat Every so often the sub games will cross over each other with either a post by post or live chat story arch (this has yet to be determined). The Epic storyline will cross over with each and when it does they will shift into live chat for the crossover.
    Applications for roles should include:

    What role you are applying for?

    If for the Pree game also what Race, class etc. is the character? Think a typical Dungeons and Dragons scenario.
    For other original characters all the information you think the GMs will need to seriously consider your character.

    How often you will be posting (for the post by post games)?

    What day and times (in Central Standard Time) you would be available for live chat playing?

    And at least a two paragraph post (it can be more this time if you need it) so we can see how you play the character you are applying for.

  2. I'm dog_mu, the GM for the fantasy game in Shattered Sky.
    It will start in a more-or-less standard D&D world, and then things get weird.
    I'd like a variety of character types:
    >> someone who does magic: a wizard, a bard, or a priest (list of available gods supplied on request, but equivalents to most gods in mythology)
    >> someone who can fight
    >> someone who deals with people
    >> someone who figures things out
    >> a sneaky type: thief, spy
    >> an environmentalist: someone good with nature and plants

    Some of these roles might be combined or spread out among multiple characters.
    I don't need quite the "standard" party (a fighter, a wizard, a rogue, and a cleric), but that's close. The party will need a lot of different abilities to survive and move the story forward.
    Remember, we will be crossing over with the other two games.