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  1. Hello!

    Currently, since I am new to this site, I am looking for a couple of roleplay buddies. I normally play males but that doesn't mean I won't play a female once in a while. Right now, I'm looking for some people to do yaoi roleplays with me. Things will probably get a bit mature at one time or another.

    Things I am Craving:
    Underlined is something I am really Craving.
    Attack on Titan OC x OC
    Guy with Superpowers x Human
    Guy with Superpowers x Guy with Superpowers
    Avatar the Last Airbender Bender OC x Nonbender OC
    Bender OC x Bender OC
    Harry Potter OC x OC
    Artist x Music artist
    Supernatural Creature x Human
    Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
    Post Apocalyptic Setting​
    What I am Looking For:
    Paragraph Style Roleplay
    Anything more than one sentence per post
    That is about it.
    Alright, Post here or PM me if any of this interests you!​
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  2. Well... If you are under 18 as well, id love to do a yaoi rp!!
  3. SOrry, I'm not... ^^;
  4. Well, that's fine ^_^ Just thought I'd ask
  5. I'm interested in Bender OC x Bender OC. c:
  6. It's okay.

    Sure, Pooder. We can do that. ^^ Any plot in mind beside that?
  7. That depends. Do you want this to take place before or after The Last Air Bender events?
  8. Before. I don't really watch the second series, so I don't know much about it.
  9. The Post Apocalyptic Setting sounds cool. Something I've been craving too, ironically.
  10. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Candies[/rainbow]
    • I'm interested in,

      ➳ Harry Potter [OC x OC]
      ➳ Supernatural Creature x Human
      ➳ Avatar The Last Airbender [Bender OC x Nonbender OC]
      ➳ Supernatural Creature x Supernatural Creature
    • Out of my choices, I love [HP] OC x OC the most.
    • If you're interested and still looking for a partner, shoot me a PM. We can discuss a plot together.
  11. Alright, We can do that. ^^ I've been craving that too. What kind of apocalypse should we do?
  12. I don't really mind. ^^ Anything sounds good, I'm pretty flexible. Though I'm favoring more of a Post-War subject.
  13. Post War? That might be cool. Maybe it destoryed a lot of cities.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. Kind of a desolate place that survived a war.
  15. Sweet. Where should it be? America?
  16. I don't really mind. I tend to have a fake world in mind when I RP, so it may be extremely different than what country we're actually in. I never really did one in a specific real world country, so if we do one, sorry if my details lack a little bit.
  17. I generally assume America when it isn't stated in the roleplay. Probably because that is what I am used to.
  18. America is good, and the post apocalyptic setting gives me a little bit of room to change up details. Unless I study the place, I won't have a clue what it looks like. I've mostly lived in the Arizona desert, so I'm not well rounded with the rest of the country.
  19. Ah okay. I've lived in temperate pine type places all my life, but maybe they're in Arizona and trying to pass through to like Oregon where they've heard there is some what of a society happening.
  20. I'd prefer something more forest like. I love trees, but hardly see any around here. Sorry if I sound picky, I'm not trying to be.
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