Quest for Free Lands

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  1. It's cold in here. In this empty cathedral, I can see my own breath. My ears throb with pain, I can hear the wind blowing through the walls. I can feel my blood soak through my clothing, through my cloak. Even as i lay here alone dying, I can't believe what they'd done. They...they were my brothers...the four of us...they betrayed me. But how? Why? I can hear someone's voice calling to me. I...I can hear her I don't feel so alone...the shivering has stopped. I can't feel anything, but I can see my life flash in front of me...everything from my brother's my death. I can feel a tear roll down my cheek as every memory, happy, and through my mind...

    "Darious! Darious he's coming your way!" a tall man shouted at Darious rode Oden through the forest after the thugs. Darious had brown, thick hair that seemed out of control. He was the shortest of the four brothers, but he was strong. His blue eyes raged with fury, angered by the robbery. Luca ran after his brother as Darious burst through the tree line. The thugs were heading for the village, and Darious was a wanted man. "Marcus, he's coming at you!" Darious shouted. Marcus was the oldest of all the brothers, Luca the youngest, himself the second youngest and Alexander the second oldest.

  2. (Sorry if I don't do this right, I'm new to 'jump in' RPs.)

    I had cuts on my arms, legs and neck, and I was completely soaked in water. My bare feet snapped the twigs the gashed into my skin, and stepped on the pebbles that made little small cuts.

    It was raining heavily tonight, and I was lost. I was looking for shelter, I was trying to escape the thieves who had done wrong to me.
    The thunder boomed and roared, scaring me. My stumbling walk became faster as I found a large abandoned looking church. ​Hopefully this will do for some time.

  3. ((Your doing fine but the first part was what was happening just then, the rp is going to reflect on his memories. So the memories are third person with the characters beginning the rp))
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