Quest For Drymera

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Keep it up with this sappy girls bickering thing and I may be tempted to eat both of you. ; )
Well if our MANLY MEN would post more often there wouldn't be all that sappy girl stuff!

.... yet I am so amused! XD
I'm giving the other less-manly men a chance before I steal their penises and tape them to my own to make a Power Ranger Penis.

*Garrock looks to the side suddenly* SQUIRREL!
While I don't understand how that will give you a Power Ranger penis, but I'm too busy chasing squirrels to argue.
Well my post is up. I figured I might as well feed everyone and get this ball rolling. And now I get to keep my penis
Thanks for the deer, Feedback, as well as the excuse to gross everyone out.
Malvolen will be played by Sean Connery in the movie.
xD Malvolen is so UNGRATEFUL xD Annalilly is going to be annoyeddd~
I ate it. What more do you want? >:[
Oh, nothing. No gratification. Or thankyous. You know, nothing like that. xD

Where is everyone ?
Answer my question, Diana! >:[

Don't make me hit you with the staff again!