Quest For Drymera

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I'll count that as a distraction. >:[

Right, I'll unleash my spell after Sakura and Golem-face have had a go.

sorry bout the distraction, i didn't read the ooc before hand, i'll be more keen on that later
Heh heh.

One of us should be played by Brendan Fraser.

I'm played by Johnny Depp.
I feel it may be useful to point out that Ril already pretty much told him to shut up...just in different words.
What strange compulsions you have.
That was Stone to Flesh followed by Major Creation and Telekinesis.

It hurt my head working that out over the last four hours. >:[
So why'd he need a voodoo doll of the golem to do that?

...and I hope the party is smart enough to let Ril do the talking about payment.
Meh, I just thought it would be cool to make an effigy and then blow it in the golem's eyes. It seemed to make sense at the time. Plus it's better than just standing there chanting with a glob of blood in your hand.

I wuz taking dramatic liberties... >___>

So, the Stone to Flesh eliminated his defenses for one turn and then I pierced him with an Adamantine chain, so when he turns back to stone the chain will be threaded through him and he'll be tied up until one of us finds a way to break/disintegrate the Adamantine.

Not the most precise of plans, but I spent 4 hours trying to find a way to incapacitate a Golem, and this was my best solution.
I'm back. Not much good it does seeing as my golem's now unconcious, though. And it's a good thing it's not dead, because when the creature wakes up it is gonna be so pissed.

I'll wake my monster up later. You can put the body wherever the hell you want.
I'm sure he's perfectly conscious, just tied up and knocked over...

The militia could probably drag him somewhere...
If the militia are taking care of my golem, you guys had better leave town soon. No offense, but they seemed kind of stupid.
That's only cos I gave em cockney accents.
I don't know where the hell cockney is, but that sounds prejudice or something. By the way, sorry about the mud. Just couldn't resist.
... prejudice?
Yeah, that people from cockney are stupid. Isn't that prejudice or something? Just asking.
My God... is that what I've been doing all these years?

I best be careful when I take my next flight to Cockney.
Just don't wear an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt and walk next to random people there...Actually do. Prejudice or not, that'd be kinda funny.