Quest For Drymera

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Location: The war-torn country of Calliad and beyond.
Timeline: 1 year after the end of the War.

The war between Calliad and Isova has finally ended after Eleven years of strife between both countries. A truce had been called, treaties signed, and warriors allowed to return home to their families. Yet, not all soldiers return home alive. Such as in the case of Lady Aubrielle's dear men. Her father died early in the war and now she has been brought the bones of her brother - the only other heir besides herself. Unfortunately, what did not return home was Drymera, a sword which has been a family heirloom for centuries. It had never left family hands until now. The Lady Aubrielle cannot let the family legacy be lost after she has lost so much already. With the war over, she has hired a search party to send on a quest to find Drymera and bring it back home. The entire lands know that she will pay a great deal of gold, silver and jewels to the one that brings her Drymera. A treasure chest filled with goodies.

You may be one of the group, you may be a lone seeker. Perhaps you want the sword for yourself. Or you could just be involved by accident. The plot will be what you make of it!

We'll be using the "mini bio" template, but you are welcome to use something more detailed if you desire! Magic does exist in this universe, and so do other races.

[noparse]Character Name:
General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality:
General History: [/noparse]
Wheee. Kinda vague, but let me know if its okay =]

Character Name: Annalilly "Lilly" Hawkins
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Search Party Member / Mage
Age: 15
General Appearance:

Annalilly has wavy blonde hair and bluegreen eyes. She stands at about five feet with a slim, athletic build. She dresses in bright colorful dreesses and has her own sense of style. She almost always looks neat and put together. Annalilly has a air of innocence about her that makes her look younger than she is.
Current Goal/Purpose: To help Lady Aubrielle find the Sword of Drymera. And to gain some sort of status in Calliad (aside from the one her parents left her).
General Personality: Annalilly is quiet and observant; she doesn't seem to want to talk alot or create commotion, but she's quite the silent troublemaker. She tries not to be in the spotlight, but often works with the puppetry in the background. She's considerate and kind, but also extremely cautious. She doesn't make friends too easily because she doesn't really believe in the value of friendship, happiness and all those things except for contentment. She wants to believe in them, but she's never been given a chance to accept them as truth. She can be impulsive and sneaky, but it all just depends on the situation. She is hopeful and optimistic, but her outlook on life relies delicately on the events that unfold.
General History: Annalilly remembers little of her childhood and refuses to hear anything about her parents. For all she cares, they have passed away. Blocking out the rumours of their betrayal against Calliad from her mind, Annalilly prefers to pretend that she doesn't care that her parents were not goodnatured people. She's always been a quiet member of society, trying to help here and there and live at the orphanage. No one really knows alot about her except that she's helpful. She has always been taking her free time in solitude. When she heard about Lady Aubrielle's quest to find Drymera, she took it as a chance to escape the memories of her parents and the burden of them that weighed heavily upon her shoulders.
Wonderful, wonderful! >:D

And my lovely character. >:3

Character Name: Bria No'el (Lady Aubrielle Cantova)
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Cartographer (Ahem. So she says.)
Age: 25

Current Goal/Purpose: Find Drymera, no matter what!
General Personality: Bria comes off as a little dense about the world, especially considering she is supposed to be a "map maker". She just doesn't quite understand a lot of the common sense things or normal life. She is awkward about her personal space, likes to stay neat and tidy, and fussy about people using their manners. Bria is normally an amiable individual, but is prone to having a temper when she gets frustrated. She does not like being made a fool of, and might find ways of getting childish revenge. However, she is loyally dedicated once her trust is earned.
General History:
Bria the Cartographer might tell a lot of tales about her grand adventures traveling the world and making the very maps she is using for this quest. ...the truth? She is no map maker, but the Lady Aubrielle herself, trying to make SURE Drymera is found and not stolen. No one knows she's running around in this disguise, as far as she knows. The maps she is using were designed by her brother before he died in the war. Now, she has joined up with a group of questers, it was the best mode for transportation and the most reliable to finding her family's heirloom.
Character Name: Gilgear
Job/Role: Squire/Warrior
Age: Deceased/Undying
General Appearance: Gilgear is not alive. He doesn't look alive, and he smells... oddly nice. His right cheek is missing where it was sliced off, showing his teeth within. A claw mark from an opponent with clawed gauntlets shows on the left side of his face, the top finger going from the corner of one eye and the bottom finger from the side of his mouth down to his ear. His upper right arm shows only bone, the flesh bitten off by a beast of war. He has not allowed himself to decay, and stays loyal to his cause. He dresses in the chainmail of his station, the Knight he served having fallen in battle before him.
Current Goal/Purpose: Find out why he continues to 'live' when he should be dead. Retrieve Drymera in the name of honor. Resist the tempation to eat his fellows.
General Personality: Honorable and knightly, the undead man attempts to take his strange existance to bear. He's aware that his appearance frightens people and may endanger his existance, but he would feel dishonest covering his injuries, and thus keeps them so that all can see them. He really has no idea what is keeping him alive, but feels the need to dedicate himself to something higher, keeping his mind busy so as not to fall into what he's been told the undead are - slavering monsters.
General History: Gilgear lost his life during the war, though he didn't know it at the time. He just kept taking hits, refusing to let himself fall. The knight he served having fallen, Gilgear had taken up the blade of his master and fought to defend the body. When the battle was over, he still did not fall. A healer looked him over... and made the conclusion that Gilgear's heart was still beating, though the man had no more blood left. Confused, Gilgear quests for honor, for pride, for purpose... and a hope that people won't just burn him at the stake for something he doesn't feel responsible for.
Character Name: Rilikan Sarzburro...AKA "Captain Ril"
Gender: Male
Job/Role: Scout/Swordsman (member of the questing group)
Age: Sixty-odd-something. You wouldn't tell it by looking at him, though.

General Appearance: Captain Ril is thin and wiry in shape, quite far from the bulkier build of most werewolves. He keeps his hair just barely to his shoulders on the back and sides, and in the front with uneven bangs that occasionally obscure parts of his eyes--right at the point where one can't say if it should be called short or long. It has a generally unkempt look, and his wolf-like ears poke straight out and are almost constantly moving, stirring it up yet more. The color of both the fur and hair is a combination of deep brown and silver (ahem, gold) that creates a rather unique light brown or dirty blonde when looked at together. He usually wears loose clothing--hardly a surprise, considering his thinness--the pants held by an old leather belt that also carries the often-full sheathes to a pair of identical blades, his treasured possessions, supposedly blessed to clean easily and never rust, dent, scuff, or stain. From the back of the pants wags a tail, somewhat longer and more flexible than that of most werewolves. His skin retains a sunburn-slash-tan that seems to be the result of many days with no shelter at all.

Current Goal/Purpose: Profit! Adventure! Thrills!
...And perhaps some other things.

General Personality: To say that Captain Ril retains a youthful mind is a bit of an understatement. He isn't the least bit childish, but retains a constant energy and enthusiasm that people half his age couldn't hope to emulate. Aside from that, he seems to have a brilliant tactical mind--whether the tactics involve battle or people. He has quite the eye for treasure, and matching hands, but doesn't always go for the most obvious thing. Despite claims of being reformed and kind, he doesn't like to do anything he doesn't believe he will somehow benefit from.

General History: Ril claims to be a "reformed" former-pirate, changed by some obscure act of kindness or epiphany or whatever, but it's far more likely that whatever crew he was captain of mutineed and he somehow survived and decided to turn to land for his new ventures. Whatever the case may be, he certainly was not a citizen or known entity to the country before signing on to the quest. It's quite likely the promise of a treasure chest full of gold and jewels and all that is what drew him in--or out, whatever the case may be.

His past beyond being a pirate captain once is debatable, but what isn't debatable is his skill with the dual blades--the two short swords which seem to be the only thing of value he owns. His body shows no scars for at least twenty years' worth of swashbuckling and sea battles, and he remains quite speedy and limber. His form of fighting seems based largely on knocking the opponent off-balance--wise, since he himself is nearly impervious to this goal.

Excess Note: I'm not using the conventional definition of 'werewolf' here. The race I'm referring to by the name is more of a wolf-shapeshifter kind of race--like traditional werewolves, but no biting and no lunar-cycle restrictions. Ril is actually only part werewolf, and he cannot shapeshift--he retains his wolflike traits, the ears and tail as well as some more slight differences such as sharper teeth, all of the time.

P.S. I rambled into other categories such as abilities and race in some of the others, since I didn't use them explicitly.
Character Name: Heyu (Hey You)

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Wandering Sword Mage

Age: Appears 28

General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To remember his past.

General Personality: Heyu seems to be quite a distant fellow at times. He's often found talking to himself when he's alone, or sometimes he even forgets that he's in a conversation, and begins to reminisce about things that seem impossible for a man his age. Heyu's also got a short fuse, and tends to let his sword arm, and magic do his talking for him. Ironically enough, the man often preaches that it's best to avoid confrontation if at all possible.

His words are sometimes cryptic or bizarre in nature, but more often than not it's his way of trying to hint to a more important fact that's just outside everyone else's sense of understanding. At times he seems to possess the madness that comes with being brilliant.

General History: All Heyu knows is that one day he woke up on the side of the road covered in what appeared to be some rather bitter, and stale ale. A sword, and a shirt of chainmail are about the only things he seems to remember owning other than the clothes on his back, and for some reason he can't seem to get the idea out of his head that he's a long way from home.

Truth be told, he's actually Zagara the lesser God of War and Magic suffering from the mother of all hangovers after having been invited to a bash at Valhalla were he was foolish enough to challenge both Odin, and Dionysus to a drinking game. Being in the weakened state of mind he's in, it was rather easy for the two to whip up this crazy scheme of binding him into human form, and having a little fun with him before his cosmic stupor wears off.
Character Name: Caid [pronounced: k-aid]

Gender: Male

Job/Role: Former Assassin/Search party group

Age: 25

General Appearance: Caid stands at 5'8" with an athletic physique. He has medium length thin black hair that barely drapes over his deep blue eyes. Caid wears simple commoner clothing underneath elaborately designed leather armor pieces on his forearms, right shoulder, and shins. He also dawns a gray tattered cloak that usually keeps his face hidden in shadow. His face shows his young age with a slight rugged feel to it as well.

Current Goal/Purpose: Bored and seeking a new purposeful adventure

General Personality: Despite the common view of what an Assassin looks, sounds, and acts like, Caid is actually quite playful at heart. He likes to view many of life's struggles with a bit of optimism and sometimes humor. He is quite sensitive to others' feelings and thoughts through their body language so he knows when it's time to be serious and get down to business, and when it comes to "Business", Caid has an unwavering and rock solid focus on the task at hand.

General History: Caid grew up on the streets as an orphan. He learned to survive through petty thievery and such and became quite good at it over the years. When he was 12 he managed to pickpocket the wrong person and was almost killed for it, but the stranger saw through Caid and saw more potential in him than anything else. So Caid was taken in by the stranger and brought up in an Assassin's guild, over the years learning their ways and methods of combat. Shortly after turning Twenty, Caid discovered the entire Guild slaughtered. Having no other family to turn to, he enlisted in the Calliad Millitary as a mercenary claiming to have the skills of an Assassin. Eventually his prowess on the field proved his battle-savvy ways and he was pulled aside in secret with some of the top generals and made an offical Calliad Assassin. His missions and quests took him all over the world, granting him many experiences and knowledge along the way. But after the war had ended, there was nothing else for Caid to do. He felt at a loss, with no purpose. So he idly awaits for an opportunity to come around.

[So hope you guys don't mind me joining in on this, this one seemed too good to pass up. I think all your characters are intriguing and entertaining and i'd love to be a part of this one :)]
Character Name: Geburich Malvolen

Gender: Spaghetti
Job/Role: Wizard/Sage
Age: 42
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Gathering components for a major spell.

General Personality: Austere and completely dedicated to arcane research. He has little time for jokes, socialising or leisure and treats such past-times with disdain. That said, he is loyal to his comrades and a generous teacher to those who wish it, but Geburich is clearly from a stricter generation.

General History: Originally from Isova, Malvolen was part of a wizard's guild employed to find arcane ways to influence the course of the war. As such he had access to some of the best research in the land. But with more money going to the frontlines, Malvolen and his fellow specialists only had a chance to influence a few battles. With the end of the war, the guild disbanded and Malvolen decided to build on what he had learned by travelling to various regions and gathering components for what he believes will be an ultimate spell...
No rules for characters right?
Character Name: Garrock (after the noise it makes)
Gender: none
Job/Role: break everything in sight
Age: 100 days
General Appearance: Golem. A mass of living stone. Garrock is big and bulky, with wide shoulders, huge arms, and stocky feet built solely for staying on the ground. Has a huge glowing gem in the middle of its chest which matches its glowing yellow eyes.
Current Goal/Purpose: break things/search for food
General Personality: Extremely slow-witted, but very persistent. Is definitely one to hold a grudge, though can't think of a better revenge than just pounding the heck out of something.
General History: Created by a powerful wizard, Garrock was designed as sort of a guard beast. One day it spotted someone it didn't recognize trying to break into its wizard's home. Once the intruder saw Garrock, he fled, with Garrock behind him. Several miles away from home, Garrock wanders aimlessly, feeding on anything - living or dead - and smashing random things such as boulders and skulls. It has no real drive to go home, just to exist.
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If Mr. Quiet One can tell me how is very interesting character is going to get involved and interact with the other charries, all is good. >:D

And tis okay Feeba! Welcome back!
I was thinking mostly Garrock would be an obstacle for them. They may come across the creature in their travels and Garrock just does what it does best; break things. The creature may just be curious and follow them around. I'm open.
thanks Di :), and i posted. it's short but right now i think it's really all i can fit in until things progress later i suppose
I'm confuzzled.

It looks like half of you are inside the inn and half of you aren't..

Wuz going on? :/
Gilgear and Bria are still outside of the Inn, but everyone else is still inside. (Except maybe Cisk, not sure about him yet. >>;)

Gilgear and Bria will be there in few game moments. >:D

And Garrock being an obstacle sounds alright to me. >:d
Well, Ril and that other guy are just outside the inn (in the doorway/porch area). So yeah.
Okay, so when should I post Garrock's entrance? Does it just show up out of nowhere, or do I wait until they go to a specific place?
glad to see Annalilly is finally awake :) i'll post later, after others have posted
You can show up whenever you like! We'll roll with it. >:D