Quenching a Thirst for More.

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  1. Ophelia pressed her back against a building. It was dusk and the Sun was slowing disappearing Shadows Casts over Ophelia as she waiting for her hunt. She drank from humans with supernatural abilities, some of which didn't even know they had any. The steps where easy, find them, seduce them into her dark corner then feast. She pulled her red hoodie up , allowing her raven locks to fall out to each side. They fell to around her waste, giving color to her almost translucent skin.

    She sensed someone in the area close by. Turning just her neck she watched herds of people past, laughing and giggling with each other. They where unaware of the monster that lurked in the ally, watching their movements with. She wondered what it would be like to share her secrete with another, to have a happy friend she could walk through this town with. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind, focusing on the presences a human different from the rest.

    Tonight felt different to her. Something lurked in the area unlike anything she had ever felt before. She was thirsty and knew, whoever they where, they would quench her thirst for the night. Not getting a sense of their exact location, she stayed where she was waiting for her ability to lock on so that she could start the hunt.
  2. Ivan zipped up his jacket and placed his hands in his pockets. He had just finished comming from the gym for some relaxing exercise. The sun was practically and he didn't feel like heading straight home so he decised to take a longer route. Being that he was a shadoweaver he dind't have to walk but he enjoyed it. He shifted himself onto a roof and then into an alley before he continued on his walk. He glanced at a few people who were chatting about pointless drama and others who were cooing over their lovers like children. The wind blew slightly causing him to shiver just a bit.

    He never liked boring things or boring people and he always wanted to do things that excited him or gave him a adreniline rush. It was fun to him when he jumped of a hgh area and wasn't phased by it but other people were. As he walked he passed by a few alleyways and a few people talking some of whom he knew. Stopping for only a few moments he said his goobyes before leaving them to their mingiling. Ivan had a weird feeing in the pit of his stomach which was weird because he never usually had those unless he was nervous or he had a bad feeling which he always ignored.

    Keeping his pace he walked through a small walkway. His house was only four blocks away and his body was drained from the exercies but to him the walk was deffinitally worth it.
  3. As Ophelia waited her eyes widened when she sensed him nearby. He was heading this way, closer and closer he crept. She could almost feel his foot steps as if they where her own. In all her years she had never felt her prey so strongly. Perhaps this meant his blood was extra delicious. She could feel her fangs protruding slightly as she though about the taste of him. Doing her best to maintain a human like appearance she suppressed her more vampiric nature. This was the middle of a town after all and she needed to blend in. Time do work her charm.

    She waited till her passed her ally then stepped out behind him. Walking slightly further away from him she matched her stride with her own, lowering her hoodie and allowing her raven locks to flow wildly around her as she kept up. She studied him, making sure that he wasn't a hunter , and searching for a weakness. He was rather attracted from her back view and the way he kept his place told her that he was in shape. Still, nothing about his power was apparent.

    She needed to get him off this crowed street to somewhere she could feed. "Excuse me." She said and sped up to walk beside him. "I am new to this town and am so lost. I was on my way to a bar and I think I turned down the wrong street. " She faked a worried expression and ran a hand through her hair. She had done this many times and acting was one of her strong points. She peered into his gaze with worried emerald eyes switching her purse from left to right. She wore a long thin black sweater with dark blue skinny pants and healed boots. She had made sure her outfit showed off her ample check and hour glass figure quite well before this hunt.

    "I...I'm sorry I know I must be a bothering you. I have had such a hard time moving to this area and don't really have anyone else I can ask." She told him sighing.
  4. It seemed like the night was comming out quicker than usual. Ivan was still in no rush at all to get home and as he walked the weird feeling was in his stomach again. Ivan took his hand out of his pocket and then pulled out his phone from his pocket. He had about a dozen missed calls and messeages that he never bothered to reply to, mabey he was jst to busy doing things other people wouldn't normally understand. He though about where he was going to head to first tommarow. The view on top of a particular Rome building was somewhere he felt like shifting his body to.

    Most shadowweavers kept to themselves. Concealing their powers away from mortals and anything they felt like was a threat. He was half human but his powers were stronger than others and he had no clue why. he was glad a few of the shadow weavers were just lie him. They explored places that people wouldn't just to say they'd been there before. The house was just two blocks away and he knew that he'd have a nice sandwhich when he got there.

    Ivan could feel someone walking behind him but judging from the pace they were just walking. The last few blocks wern't necessiarly empty but they wern't full either. When it was dark out most people headed home, went to a bar or were out somewhere partying. It didn't take that long before hecould see someone walking next to him out the corner of his eye. He could tell it was a women when she spoke. Stopping he turned to her. She looked liked she was lost and the tone of her voice seemed egar to get to her destination. Looking at her head to toe she was beautiful and deffinitally didn't look like she wasa round this part of town.

    " Dont apologize, sure this town can be pretty big but ill take you through a short cut". The bar was not that far from his house, Taking the park trail would get them there in five minutes. He walked through the trail placing his hands in his pockets to keep then from getting cold. The feeling was back more than ever but he didn't think nothing of it.
  5. As he told her he would take her through a short cut her blood raced. Perfect, she would be able to drink from him once they got to a less populated street. As they moved into the park there no one was there. She let him get at least half way down the street till she sped fast and left in front of him. As she stop she peered into his eyes with her own light emerald ones. She allowed her ebony hair to settle from the speed of what she just moved. Giving him a sexy smirk she revealed her fangs to him.

    "Actually this looks like the perfect place for a drink." She said as she rapped her arms around his back, pressing her self too him. Opening her jaw to allow her fangs to fully extend, she then bit into his neck gently, allowing her fangs to slowly sleep into his flesh. The pain of fangs pressing into his neck would be absent. Instead, an overwhelming feeling of pleasure, excitement, and desire would over take him. As blood started to flow from his wound she began to drink from him and the chemicals in her saliva helped extend the pleasure. Ophelia groaned this was the best blood she had ever tasted from any supernatural. She pressed her self into him and she felt his blood race down her throat and into her own body. She pressed her eyes shut, almost loosing her self in the pleasure of the moment.
  6. They were almost at the bar. As they walked though the park he was supprised by how empty it was. He had atleast expected some people to be there. Ivan shuddered againat the slight wind as he kept walking and making sure that the woman was close by. it had been the first time he had to escort somebody someplace. The trees swayed and then he looked around. Checking to see if the girl was following he was supprised to see she was gone but when he turned around she was standing right infront of him. Blinking his eyes he tried to comprehend what just happened until she showed him her fangs.

    He thought about shifting. Shit he knew he needed to but his bria and body wern't working. Instead he was caught staring into her emrald eyes. She was something esle. And now Ivan felt stupid for being so foolish and now he was completly vunrable to what was to come next. he could feel her press her body against him and his breathing quickined. Ivan watched her leaned down and he flet a slight pin and it was gone. His body was completly weak and he felt nothing but utter most pleasure. His hands moved slightly but he couln't do a thing. He released a groan and then grabbed her wrist he could feel himself getter weaker and weaker.
  7. As Ophelia drank, she started to feel something. It was strange, distant, but it pulsated around her. As his blood flowed into her, she began to feel her blood lust die. Strange though, something else was growing in it's place. She felt his hand grasp her wrist and with this feeling she released him. As she let go of him, she used her free arm to steady him. Confused at first, she felt that he was weak. Only when she was a newly fledgling did she feel empathy for her prey. Now, she not only felt guilty for drinking from him, but also knew that he was weak.

    Something wasn't right, she could feel him stand before her. Even as she took a step back, she could feel the distance between them. She made no move to break away from his physical contact, nor did she care that he touched her. As he did, she could feel his own life force connect to her. Shocked, she peered up at him in disbelief Then she came to a sudden realization What if his power was mind control or some kind of forced empathy. "Tell me what your supernatural ability is. I know you have one. It's what I feed off of. Don't bother lying, I will know." She demanded, under the impression that he was tricking her.
  8. Ivan tried his best to control his breathing but it was hard. His body was on the verge of dropping and he was having a hard time keeping his balance. When she pulled away from him he closed his eyes intaking a deep breath before slowly releasing. He was trying to smooth out his heart beat which was pounding like crazy. Not only was he weak but he had this pulling feeling tword her. When she asked him what supernatural power he had he blinked a few times. How the hell did she know?. He thought to himself but then he figured she could tell from his blood.

    " Dont worry i wasn't planing on lying, im a shadow weaver well half..im half human". Looking into his eyes he quickly looked away. He felt like a damn fool for getting lost in those exact same eyes that had him clinging onto life. Ivan turned his head back and forth before he stopped brining his hand up to his neck he winced slightly and then dropped his hand. When Ivan realized that his other hand was still on the woman's wrist he released it. " So miss tell me whats next..do i die?, Im too weak to shift myself so dont worry about me trying". Ivan just looked at her waiting to know what was next.
  9. As he told her what he was Ophelia raised a slender brow at him. He wasn't lying but she had never drank from someone who was half shadoweaver before. Usally her prey where humans with some sort of gift. Not knowing what the result was, she decided she had better experiment with this. She didn't know if it would happen again and it was best she study him. If this link between them fades she would be ready for it next time and if not, well she could always find a witch to break it. Still, did she mind this link? It was nice to feel something other than her self and, personally, she had grown quite numb to contact. She, she turned a few vampires over the centuries but it was purely for political purposes. She didn't actually stay with them and once they fulfilled their purpose, she left them. It was just easier alone but it left her with this emptiness, a void that filled her.

    When he asked if he was going to die and informed her that he could no longer shift she couldn't help but smile. She guessed he didn't know much about her kind. "No." she genuinely smiled this time. "That is, unless you want to." She joked, having no intention of killing him. She merely teased him with a morbid sense of humor. She thought about making him forget this attack but then it would ruin her experiment She needed to watch him, to figure out this kind of link. Wiping away spare blood from her lips she sighed. "I won't hurt you anymore. I just needed to drink from someone with a supernatural ability. It is what I have fed on for my entire life - vampire life that is. Think of it as a blood transfusion." She now moved at human speed next to him, grasping his bicep and pushing her self closer to him. "You must be tired. Let me help you to your house." She told him. Waiting for him to move she watched him with an curious emerald stare.
  10. After a few moments Ivan could feel slightly better and he didn't have a huge headache like he did before. The feeling in his gut was gone along with the pulling feeling. Today was just as strange. In his mind he was trying to come up with a million and one reasons why he fell for the predicament he was in and he still had not a damn clue. He knew that she was skilled at lying to get to what she wanted and he deffinitally wasn't her fisrt feed. Looking up at the sky he then only realized how much time had past. When she smiled and said that she wasn't going to kill him unless he wanted to die he blinked a few times. Was she joking? He figured she was since she was smiling but the weird sense of humor made him feel weird.

    Ivan just watched her as she said that she wouldn't hurt him anymore. A vampire. He had figured that out the moment she bit him. Beofre he could even move she had a grip on his arm and her body pressed against his. Great she wanted to take him home. She'd then know where he lived and god he was getting aheaad of himself. He knew he couldn't protest since he was weak. Nodding was the only option at this moment. He took step by step thankful that it was dark so people just thought she was helping a drunk guy find his way. When they reached the house he pulled out his keys and opened the door. He was exausted. Once a foot was in the door he moved away slightly and leaned on the wall for support. " Im okay now, thanks".
  11. As they walked home together her gaze shifted from him to other people they passed. They ignored them and carried on which was what Ophelia wanted. She needed to blend with the humans, not standout. Ebony hair bounced along with their stride as they continued down the street. Ophelia didn't say anything for the remainder of the trip, simply enjoying his company. She hadn't done this in a long time and she certainly felt like she was in a better mood.

    As he moved away from her and a foot in the door she let go and watched his tall figure lean against the wall. Perhaps she had taken too much blood from him tonight. She could help him recover, he was half human after all. First, she needed his trust and entrance into his home. She couldn't enter any private home without invitation in and made no movement of entering inside. Emerald eyes studied him and she raised a slender brow as he told her he was okay. "Yeah you look it." She rolled her eyes. "Invite me in." She told him, folding her arms as she waited at the doorway.
  12. Ivan looked around his house for a moment. It was pretty modern looking but he needed to redo it. Shaking his head he brought his hand up to his face before sighing. He looked at the woman who haden't moved from infront of the doorway and then told him to invite her in. He then realized that she needed permission. " Yeah..come in". Moving from the wall he watched her step inside. " Close the door behind you". He walked tword his kitchen and then opened the fridge pulling out a bottle of water. As he drank some he kept his eyes on her. It wasn't that he didn't trust her but he didn't know her.

    " So what now?". He asked running his hands through his hair. Ivan placed the water bottle down and the slowly walked up the stairs. He needed a shower. After working out at the gym it built up quite the sweat. Eventually he made it to his room out of breath. He started the shower and then removed his dirty clothes. Once he was finished he wrapped a towel around his waist and then went in his dresser to get some clothes.
  13. As she stepped in she gladly closed the door behind her. Now they she had some privacy she could talk to him. She followed him into the kitchen. The place had a modern feel about it and it seemed inviting. She studied her surroundings trying to get more of a feel for who he was. Nothing out of the ordinary yet so she continued to take survey of her surroundings. As he asked her what now she glimpsed at him. "I'm still not going to kill you, if that is what you are asking. No, I have something planed for but it can wait. Recover your strength and then we can sort out the details" She told him then left the room. She heard him in the shower and while she he was in there she took the liberty of moving into his bed room.

    Stretching out on the bed, she laid stomach first, waiting for him to enter. He had a towel around his waist and opened a dresser, still too tired to notice her presence. "Not bad." She commented him in a towel with a coy smile. Getting off the bed she walked over to him and rested her head against the dresser. "Do you feel better?" She asked. "My name is Ophelia by the way. What's yours?" She asked him, gazing up at him with a playful smile.
  14. As he looked through his clothes he pulled out some shorts a black t shirt and boxers. Just as he was about to drop his towel he froze and when he heard the womans voice. "He was going to ask her when she got into the room but he just shrugged the question off. Ivan looked over when he saw her hand on the dresser and she asked if he was okay and stating her name. " Yeah i actually feel better and the names Ivan".

    Pausing for a moment looking at the smile on her face he reached and grabbed his clothes. " Ill be right back". He walked into the bathroom and quickly threw on his boxers and clothes and then walked back out the bathroom and sat down on his bed. " His room was the only thing that was somewhat diffrent from downstairs. He had pictures of his many adventures. And of every place he had ever been to. China, Italy, Germany, Africa, Egypt. The only weird thing people asked him was the dates on the picture were all on the same day or the day after. " Ophelia huh? So what did you want to talk about?". Ivan made himself comfortable on the bed as he looked at her. Why out of all women that had to be in the house it was someone so...tempting.