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  1. Hi there, I'm QueenOfTheBee! I am searching for long-term partners who I can hopefully create a very well made RP that will go on for quite the while! After a year or so of being on this website, I've decided to remake my interest check in spirit of the new year.

    About Me (open)

    I am a 17 year old girl from Northern California who is currently a Senior in high school. I've been on RPG since 2011, and have been involved in many group RPs in my tenure. I've only really gotten into 1x1s recently, since I realized just how fun they are! Despite my current occupation as a student, I do have a lot more free time than I should (not something I am necessarily proud of...), and as a result I can produce many posts in a day if I was really into an RP. I am an athlete, so my time will eventually lessen. I have competed in many other sports such as wrestling (not WWE, but this), basketball, soccer, and such. I also am a huge fan of sports in general, as I am obsessed with watching football and basketball (Go Niners and Dubs!). I also do have an interest in military topics, and have a huge knowledge in the world of cars.

    Essential Information (open)

    - Talk to me! I'd like to get to know my partners and what's up with them :)

    - I try to respond as fast as I can, but sometimes I am either out of it, bored, or god forbid, busy.

    - I'd like a long term partner, I don't really like one-shots and stuff like that.

    - I have a LOT of free time, so I spend a good majority of it refreshing my inbox.

    - I'd prefer to have my partner be okay with mature situations, and not just fade to black scenes. But if we must fade to black, then that is fine.

    - I try to match whatever you give me. You give me a one-liner. I'll give you a one-liner. If you give me a novel, I'll try my best to write a novel.

    - Grammar isn't an issue with me so long as it isn't awful.

    - 2-3 paragraphs minimum.

    Rules (open)

    1). Please no anime/emo characters. I do prefer more realistic characters. In certain situations I will accept those, but most of the time I will not.
    2). No Mary Sues, unless it's perfectly appropriate.
    3). Be warm, be polite. I like nice people, and don't worry, I don't bite :)
    4). I am open to really weird kinks as long as you tell me about it. There's only a few things that turn me away, so don't be afraid to ask!
    5). I absolutely do not mind playing LGBT characters (as indicated by my willingness to play FxFs), I'm actually interested in playing a transgender character at some point.
    6). If we are doing an action scene, I absolutely love technicality! However, if you cannot be that technical that is fine, just as long as you try your best!
    7). If you're rude or creepy I won't even bother replying. No exceptions.
    8). I am on from 4 PM to 10 PM on PST (as of 1/4/15)
    9). Please, PLEASE tell me your timezone, or at least what times you are on so I can know when to anticipate your posts.
    10). If you've read these, send me your favorite song in your interest PM.
    11). I am okay with mature scenes, I just don't like being pushed into them instantly.
    12). The magic number is "23"
    13). I generally try to avoid scenes depicting drug abuse, but if it must happen, it will happen.
    14). Nothing taboo. Which includes incest, furries, and the lot.
    15). Don't be afraid to message me! I check my inbox every 5 minutes because I have too much time on my hands!
    16). Character sheets are a must. The way we do them can vary in any way. However, I don't like filling out histories and personalities, and like leaving that to be revealed in our RP
    17). Please don't disappear! Flakers irritate me to no ends. Seriously.
    18). I am firm with a modern and realistic setting, but that doesn't mean you can't try to tempt me into a different setting :)

    Now that we got that out of the way, here's some things you could use to help develop an idea with me! Of course, that doesn't mean you can throw in your own ideas.

    Sports (MMA, Boxing, Football, Amateur Wrestling, Track and Field, etc)
    High School
    Slice of Life

    Pairings - These are meant to be taken in any direction you want (feel free to throw in some too!)
    Best Friend/Best Friend
    Childhood Sweethearts

    and many more....
    Fandoms/Universes (I will absolutely do canons!)[/b]
    Red vs Blue
    Fast and Furious
    Call of Duty
    Hunger Games
    Star Wars

    Original Ideas

    Starting from the Bottom
    [sports, slice of life, romance]
    The new manager of a sports team starts their tenure at their team with the task of rebuilding it and restoring it to their former glory. However, the new manager doesn't really sit well with the preexisting staff, and doesn't take their ideas seriously. There is one person on that staff who does take a liking to the new manager and helps them along towards rebuilding the team and helping their relationships within improve. Eventually, the two people develop feelings for each other... and from there something great starts to happen.
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  2. I would gladly do a RWBY rp
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