Queen of the Damned

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  1. Years have passed since that day in time when Lestate had his concert in death Valley when Akasha was killed and Jesse a immortal forever. What happened to them now the ancients have gone silent and a new dark Vampire has risen the world has turned dark and humans are enslaved to the race that is now far superior. Rebels are gathering to rise up but to harm a vampire even get close enough to one to try and do damage was a crime. A crime punishable by death. Will this new evil awaken the ancients and will the world be set right again or will Samara stay in power as Queen of the Damned. However Lucian King of the werewolves Now would like to take over. Will this end our world or will it be stopped in time.

    Lucian underworld_michaelsheen.jpg
    Samara Dark
    images (12).jpg
    Lestate Dark
    images (8).jpg
    maxresdefault (1).jpg
    Jesse Shayla

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  2. Question. Are you using only the listed characters and are they playable? Or are original creations allowed?
  3. original and listed
  4. Lestate and samara are taken
  5. Are we able to change the picture of the original due to there honestly not really being any of them as one did die and the other really dropped of the radar?
  6. Akasha is dead but no to the face change sorry doll
  7. I will be Jesse than.
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  8. okay tag people hun
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.