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  1. Jaune is dense as a rock and Phyrra is resenting his attitude. However, Nora is there to provide some comfort.
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  2. Nora was getting exasperated with Jaune and that was hard to achieve. He was oblivious to Phyrra's feelings and his demeanor was starting to hurt the four time champion. Nora wanted to grab Jaune by the collar of his shirt and make him see the light...that would or wouldn't include breaking his legs.

    But for now, Nora had another mission, cheering the other female in team JNPR. Phyrra deserved better than Jaune, better than to attend a ball on her own. She deserved less attention to her physics and more to her mind and heart. Phyrra was beautiful inside and out. Of course she was able to beat anyone in combat, she was the Goddess of the spear but she was also sweet and tender. She was always willing to listen, yes even to Nora's endless babbling, and be kind with her responses.

    Phyrra was fun and Nora hated with all her heart to see her like that. To every problem there was a great solution and Nora was already working on it.

    She made her way to Phyrra with a tray on her hands before saying with a slightly singing voice:

    "I brought you Pancakes!"

    She even contained herself before drinking all the syrup to leave some for Phyrra.
  3. Pyrrha was sitting on the bed in their dorm lost in her thoughts. She had been like this for a few days now and she knew why. It was jaunes hard headedness and complete disregard for her feelings. She had been trying since initiation to show john her true feelings but it has worked at all.

    She was dragged out of her thoughts by her very lively teammate. "Thank you nora, but I don't have much of an appetite right now."

    She looked around the room and noticed that ren and jaune were both gone. "Hey did they tell you where they were going?"
  4. Nora's cheerful attitude was replaced by a worried look on her face. She set the table on the nightstand next to Phyrra's bed and sat next to the her.

    "Jaune has some trouble with history lessons and Ren offered some help. They must be on the library." Nora said getting a little closer to her female companion. "Phyrra...you can keep things like this. You barely eat anymore and I hear when you're restless at night." Nora brought the pancakes to Phyrra's sight again. "You deserve better than this, not just from Jaune but from yourself. You're beautiful, smart and can kick anybody's butt! If Jaune is as much as an idiot to ignore all of that...then he can go to the depths of Vale and never come back. But please, Phyrra...don't do this to yourself."
  5. Pyrrha was caught off guard by what nora had said. She thought no one would notice but apparently she was wrong. She tried to ignore the pancakes but then her stomach let out a loud growl. She slowly took the pancakes and syrup from nora. "I'm sorry nora, I didn't want to worry you. It's just I don't know what else to do." She sighed pouring syrup onto her pancakes. "Sometimes I look around and see our friends happy with their loves and feel slightly jealous."
  6. Nora was excited about Phyrra eating and expressing her feelings. Suddenly Nora felt the urge to protect her friend and without thinking she launched herself into Phyrra's arms to hug the taller girl. The pancakes almost flied from the tray but Nora regained her senses soon enough to keep everything in place.

    "You will find someone else, Phyrra. Someone who loves you and realizes how wonderful you are. I promise." Nora said and kissed Phyrra'a cheek gently.
  7. Pyrrha fell back in surprise quickly regaining her grip on the pancakes. Her face turned bright red when nora kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks nora I needed this." Pyrrha quickly sat up and finished eating her pancakes quickly completely oblivious to the small blob of syrup forming just under the corner of her lip.

    "Would you like to go into town today?"
  8. Nora heard the words but her eyes were fixed on Phyrra's lips and the small amount of sweet syrup on the corner of those plump red lips. Her eyes widened a bit because Nora would do anything to have a taste of that syrup.

    "Yes! Let's get you out of here!" Nora licked her own lips before falling into temptation. She took a closer look to Phyrra's lips before she brushed the syrup off with a finger and licking it with a pleasant sound.
  9. Pyrrha shook her head as she set the empty plate down on the table next to the bed. "I don't ever think I'll understand your love for syrup." She slowly stood up holding out her hand to nora to help her up. After helping nora up, the young amazoness wondered if her friends across the hall would want to with them. "Hey nora do you think anyone on team rwby would want to go."
  10. "It's delicious!" Nora exclaimed while standing on her feet. "I don't expect you to understand. One day you'll find something like that!"

    Nora giggled while taking Phyrra's hand and leading her out of the door. The shortest girl knocked on team RWBY's door and waited for an answer. It never came and Nora shrugged while looking back at her team mate.

    "Shall we get going? I'm sure we can still have a great day in our own!"
  11. "Yeah, lets going nora so we can start the fun." She let the shorter girl lead the way. It did not take long for them to reach the city and pyrrha began to look in the windows of the shop. She still had yet to buy a dress for the dance. "Hey nora have you found a dress for the upcoming dance?"
  12. "No, no yet." Nora said with a thoughtful expression on her face and a finger on her chin. "This is perfect! We're going to find you a dress. You'll look beautiful...I think something red would be the best for you! You'll get everyone's attention...not that you don't already because you do! I mean you're beautiful."

    Nora ranted while bringing Phyrra to the closest store. There were many dresses and Nora was already looking for a dress.

    "Who wouldn't put their eyes in you? Except Jaune but our leader is not too smart. I'll take you to the dance if he doesn't!"
  13. Pyrrha giggled at Nora's rant and watched as she did her thing in the store. Pyrrha was not one to dress up and when she did, she would normally let someone help her with an outfit. "Yea but he is funny." She responded to her remark about jaune.

    "Hey don't go around throwing offers like that and I thought you were going with ren." She was looking at some normal clothes because all she had to really wear was her school uniform and her armor.
  14. Nora stopped for a second, just to blink a couple of times before shaking her arms in front of her in a negative form.

    "No, no! We're not together, together! He is shy and I'm not really popular with guys...or girls." Nora returned her attention to clothes trying to find something for Phyrra. "My offer is still up, you know? If Jaune keeps being so dense I'll show him what he's losing."
  15. "Oh it just seems like you guys are so close, so I assumed you two were dating." Pyrrha was still looking through the clothing racks. "I may just take you up on that offer. Jaune has this one track mindset and he has eyes for Weiss." She looked over at nora. "Have you found anything yet?"
  16. "We're like brothers. I understand his silence...he's not very talkative. Ren understands when I'm saying too much. And sure I love him! But not like really, really love him. Not in a romantic way, you know?"

    Nora took a red dress from its hanger and showed the red long dress to Phyrra.

    "What about this one? You'll look like a Goddess in this!"
  17. Pyrrha looked at the dress nora held up. It was a very beautiful red dress. "There's only way to know how I'll look in it." She grabbed the dress from nora and headed for the dressing rooms. "Hey nora can you wait right out here so you can tell me how I look when I get out." Pyrrha disappeared into the dressing room and began to strip her armor. Once finished she slipped into the dress and looked in the mirror. It left very little to imagine as it hugged evry curve of her body and showed off a fair amount of cleavage, but there was one problem. She couldn't reach the zipper on the back. "Hey nora can you come in here for a sec?"
  18. Nora did what Phyrra told her and jumped to her feet to enter the dressing room. She stopped on her tracks a second later when she caught the sight of Phyrra on the mirror, but she was quickly distracted by the fair amount of nude skin on the warrior's back.

    "Wow." Nora said under her breath. "You look beautiful!"

    Nora hurried to zip the dress, letting her fingers caress Phyrra's back softly while she took care of the matter. Phyrra's smooth skin was softer than the silky dress and she was so warm that Nora wanted nothing more than to cuddle the taller girl and fall asleep against her.

    "I think I was mistaken...and I'm not used to being wrong." Nora pouted slightly while she saw Phyrra's body on the mirror. "You looking like a goddess is still not good enough to describe how beautiful you look."
  19. Pyrrha quickly turned around giving her friend a bone crushing hug. "Thank you nora. You are the best friend anyone can have. I'll take you up on that offer for the dance." She looked her friend over and thought for a second. "Hey since you chose my dress, you should let me choose yours."
  20. Nora smiled and hugged her friend back with as much force. Definitively Phyrra was warm and it made Nora feel secure, not that she felt insecure usually, but Nora wasn't used to feel that comfortable with someone that wasn't Ren.

    "Everyone is going to be jealous! We're going to be top game!" Nora cheered and bumped the air with her fist. "Sure thing! Let's find something for me...and I'll put on whatever you tell me to."

    Nora eyed her partner to the dance one last time on that beautiful, sexy red dress and winked playfully to Phyrra. She couldn't wait for the Ball and time suddenly felt like an eternity.
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