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  1. New, new, new... new arrival, new at role play and new... darn... there's supposed to be a third new, right? ... anyway... i'm queen Ellie from "the matriarchy of Loving Embrace". Some of you may have seen or talked with me already on the RMB. Yeah, I know... I'm super slow in signing up here. My sincere condolences... uh... apologies. So, I'm super exited, and raring to go... except I have not the faintest idea of how. I did see something of a roleplay 101 someplace, but please be kind with me, I'm really very much a noob still, and do appreciate advice when it's needed. *bows* Thank you for your attention. :)
  2. Hi Queen Ellie, welcome to Iwaku!! I am F0X and we are so happy to have you here the site!!

    There are lots of places to roleplay, and checking the roleplay search section is a great place to look around for roleplays, as well as advertise your own desires!

    There are also lots of chatrooms used for both hanging out and chatting, as well as roleplaying!!

    If you're ever in any need of help at any time, never hesitate to ask!! I'm always here to help, as well as many other of the CV's and Staff members here on Iwaku!

    Happy writing!~

  3. o.O oh wow... you are a fox! sexy! anyway... thanks for the advice, and i'm sure i'll come and pose some questions... if only to get to know you up close and personal ;)
  4. Welcome to the site.
  5. oh thanks! :)

    btw, you really should go outside a little more. you look kinda pale... or is it just the light?
  6. That's just the light.
  7. Greetings welcome to the site if you look for any Rps you can ask me and I can send you a few links to some that are doing well and are quite fun.

    If you want a private RP I can do that and get you used to some of the posting style that I do.
  8. Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you have a great time here!~
  9. aww... you're all so kind. thank you so much. i'm still looking around, and feel a little timid... and also didn't have internet for a couple of days now to make things even more complicated, but i'm back again now :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.