Que Sera Sera

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  1. Nightmares were familiar. Their horrors a frequent shadow of the mind. In some ways, they had become reassuring. A dark visitor who forced remembrance of the past and provided contrast to the terrors of day. But nightmares were brief, and no matter their vividness, Jay had learned to recognize their dissonance from reality. When she realized it, she could wake up and seize their control.

    Yet, now, as Jay's green eyes stared in sheer horror at the scene before her, she wished tonight was as merciful as a nightmare. But the screaming and wailing was not heard only in her mind. No matter how hard she tried to shake it away. The fire blazing before her burned too much on her light skin. No matter how much she tried to ignore it. And the pain in her chest, as she choked on the ash-filled air, was much too real. She couldn't breathe away the evil this time. This was not a dream. This was happening. Her village was being ravaged by shadowed savages and waking would not void the truth.

    "Trey!", Jay screamed out into the chaos, "Trey, where are you?!"

    She coughed on the thickening air. Smoke had engulfed the sky, depriving the night of moonlight. Jay backed into her small hut and grabbed a thin scarf to wrap around her face. Squinting into the flames, she saw one of the dark figures axing down another hut's door. A panicked woman was hurriedly shoving a crying boy through the back window urging him to run.

    "Hey!", Jay called out to the dark figure, "Leave them alone!". The figure turned his attention towards her with a menacing grin, and Jay could now tell it was a man. "Come and get me", Jay growled. The man raised his axe, and Jay raised her hand. A power grew from her palm with an eerie green glow that matched her eyes. The man ran at her, blade ready. Jay's hand clenched into a fist, and suddenly the man froze. The man's eyes were infected by the same green glow as he fell to the ground in a crippled heap. Jay released her grip and looked back at the window. The woman and boy had fled.

    "Trey...", horror returned to Jay's voice.

    Another figure yelled on horseback, galloping through the fury with a torch. Jay's eyes radiated, focused not on the figure, but the horse. The horse's eyes caught the glow, and he reared up, throwing his rider off. The horse galloped towards Jay, and slowed just enough for Jay to mount up as he strode past. "Thanks boy", Jay told the beast as she relinquished her influence.

    "Heyah!" she kicked the horse forward, away from her burning village, and into the mountains.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.