Quarter Life Crisis

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Yaoi, FANTASY , magical, romance, every day, drama, violence, alpha/beta/omega verse (I have been craving an in depth roleplay for this)
The Supplier:

Sneaking around at night is one thing, and so is a few late snacks here and there. This breaking and entering through the window is crossing the line. There was a reason that you gave him a house key in the first place. Months will pass by with no contact, until one night there is a small click by the window and your boyfriend is on top of you, kissing and cuddling like a puppy.

Before biting down and drinking his meal for the night.

One could say you were his emergency source of food. The person to go to when things got too scarce and dangerous. The one person who accepted everything there was to accept about having a vampire boyfriend. Over time though... it's hard not to feel abandoned and to look at ones self as nothing more than a meal. Especially when you spend your 25th birthday alone, your love only coming the night after to feed.

Or so you thought.

The Feeder:

You didn't particuarily care about the beauty of the sun, because you had your georgous star right before you. He never pushed you away (except for the first time you bit him, but that is understandable) and always accepted who you are. Months often have to pass between your visits so that you don't attract too much attention to one area. He never complains and even gave you a key to his home, though you prefer windows by a long shot.

Sometimes you wish things could be... more normal. No month long trips or midnight snacks. No hurting your one and only star that stood next to you in a pitch black night.

But even stars age throughout the years. As your lover reaches his 25th birthday, it dawns on you that one fourth of his life is over and done with. With one breath or blink of the eyes, your little star could turn to dust and bones.

Which absolutely can not happen, you decide. Unfortunatly, turning into a creature of the night has a lot more hoops to jump through than Twilight made it out to be. Many decisions need to be made and officials need to be contacted. Within all this paperwork and official business, you first need permission from your lover to start the process.

But what if he says no?
Then what happens?

And of course there was the "my family kills vampires" thing to take care of as well.

Looking for someone to play dominant and to be the vampire, the feeder.
My character is a human, the supplier, with a supernatural hunter family as well. Basic plot that I want to expand with someone else ^^

This will be male x male
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