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    "And the lucky numbers are… 14563, 28965, 38513, 90127, 87164, 21947…"
    The elegantly dressed woman continues to drone out the numbers, a pearly white smile plastered on her face, but you don’t listen to her. You hold the silver ticket in your hand, staring numbly at the golden letters flashing across its face.
    “Congratulations, lucky participants.” You slowly return your gaze to the hologram standing before you. The ghost like projection was a little too real, as the woman’s gaze holds such direct eye contact that it’s a struggle not to look away. Her grin broadens as she announces, “You have been deemed worthy to board to U.S. Columbus, on a direct flight to the International Space Station ‘Athena’, located on Planet X. Prior to boarding you will scan your thumb on the sensor pad and it will display what occupation you will have on the planet.
    She then swept her arm behind her to gesture to the TV from which her image emerged, where pictures and videos of the grand space station and pictures of the Planet X flashed by to gaudy theatrical music. A male announcer swiftly devolved the details of the prize and instructions for time and manner of boarding.
    You, along with a handful of other lucky winners from around the world, will be staying at Athena, a research station dedicated to discovering the wonders of the newly discovered Planet X and will be staying in Athena. Now their dreams have come true. Or has it…? Little do the passengers know that it is not their dream that awaits at the space station, but their worst nightmare, the passengers will be landing on a planet called X. Years ago it was discovered, and looked like a sign of life was available upon the the planet, since for some reason the lands were similar to Earth's with a gravitational force and an oxygenated atmosphere, also near the right area to Sun. There a space station was set up, the astronauts first sent there were have never returned and now the country keeps sending more people hoping of one day having survivors come back to Earth to share the sightings. On this planet, there are these strange creatures many of different species (will have pictures and names, etc. listed below) they are the reason for no returns, for some odd reason the creatures will not go in the space station but only on the outside waiting for more visitors. Now it is up to you for your own survival.. Will you make Planet X a safe place for substantial life, or will you end up like the ones before you..?

    ((I'm still adding on to this..))

    Planet X (open)


    Aliens (open)
    Features: Small boney bodies and glowing green eyes.
    Abilities: Fast runner, and distinct screaming sound. Grolaxian's spit out acid able to burn through skin but not strong enough to burn through bone, still hurts and leaves gashes, the acid if not properly cleaned out of wound will infect causing the area to be amputated if not infection will spread causing death.
    Height: Comes up to about the average man's ankle.
    Direct way to kill: headshots. To wipe out race find the nest, usually 2 nests located in dark craters.
    More information: They breed at fast rates making them plentiful.


    Features: Scaley skin, looks like a lizard has three legs and two arms, sharp claws, and a spiked tail. Sharp teeth.
    Abilities: Very slow, but once their prey is caught they won't be let go until killed.
    Height: About 6 feet.
    Direct way to kill: UNKNOWN
    More Information: Breed at slow rates about 3 per 7 hours

    Features: All shown in picture above
    Abilities: Using it's several tongue it is able to wrap around someone's body and bring to it's mouth to devour. Armored shell on it's body protects it from bullets.
    Height: Shown in picture
    Direct way to kill: UNKNOWN
    More Information: Only one (known) comes out only at dusk, has very bad eye sight so relys strictly on smell and hearing.

    Weapon Concepts (open)

    Suits (open)


    Men: (along with weapon of choice NO HELMET)

    Occupations (Courtesy of Windsong) (open)

    Deep Ice Drilling
    Towards the darker side of the planet, the side that doesn't face the sun there are deep ice drilling for precious minerals and resources, very dangerous but highly rewarding.
    Items found here can be made into weapons and such for survival.


    Men usually acquire this role, the uniform would be more "space-like"
    Usually strong build men, will also go out and fight.


    Females usually get this role, but men may too.
    Medics are made of up the soft spoken people, and the nice compassionate ones.
    Medics are required to carry a weapon to protect themselves, they follow with the hunters.

    Occupation for both genders.
    For the merciless, risk takers.
    These are the ones who will be fighting the creatures.

    Opinions please!
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  2. I like it!
    Also, the Grolaxian has an incredibly creepy picture (taken from a creepy pasta or something I'm sure). I love sci-fi settings, this one is pretty neat as well.

    Might be fun to flesh out your flora and fauna too if you'd like more to brainstorm on.
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  3. @Windsong Thank you so much! This took alot of my brain power to think of this stuff! I'll try to come up with some more hopefully. If you have any ideas feel free to message me! And if I use the idea I'll be sure to give you credit!
  4. It is interesting, but I agree with Windsong, Plants and animals are the basis of known life, with microbes and such in there somewhere.

    Do not mind me, just throwing out my two cents..

    I'd love to discuss things, or even attempt to help, I have a ton of questions if you do not mind.
  5. @Krnon Of course that's fine! Please message me.
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