Quarantine: Humanity's Plague

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  1. The world is sick. Everything good in life is gone; your brother, your sister, your friends and family, are all infected by the Week Virus. It slowly overtakes your body with flu like symptoms; first you get that flemmy feeling. Your throat hurts and your lungs ache. And that’s just the first day.

    Second day, the throat begins to coat itself in this grey matter. It tastes horrible, and every time you cough, it comes up and that nasty bitter taste leaves you in disgust.

    Third Day: Water, you need water, but you can’t quench the thirst. You begin to change, you get hungrier and hungrier, yet no matter how much food you eat, you starve. Blood begins to leak out of every orifice of your body, and you start to seize up from time to time.

    Fourth Day: Paranoia. You start to become very confused, and you don’t know why that ringing in your ears starts, or where it is originating from. Slowly, it starts to drive you mad. You begin to hallucinate, seeing everyone as a threat. You start to lose your voice, and your hearing actually begins to intensify while your eyes begin to cloud over.

    Fifth Day: Total madness. You can no longer tell the difference between friend or foe, and you begin to attack anyone that comes near you. By this time, the virus has made you weak from hunger, and your eyesight starts to fail you. You start bashing your head against things, and the seizures become more and more frequent, as does the bleeding.

    Sixth Day: Your body begins to die. Your kidneys begin to fail you, and your liver turns bad. It is getting harder and harder to breathe, and your muscles begin to go through agonizing spasms. You are almost completely blind at this point, and you can’t get up or move. You have no more teeth, and your eyes have shriveled up. Death is very close.

    Seventh Day: Death.
    There is no cure to this disease, and it has claimed half of the populous of the world. Very few are left alive. Nobody knows what has caused this sickness, or where it came from. There is no area 0, and the hospitals were all shut down and quarantined. This deadly virus is both bacterial and air-borne. Hazmat suits and gas masks actually do restively nothing, as you have to take it off eventually. The disease is everywhere.

    By 2017, almost every person on the planet has perished. All but the 10% that was immune to the disease (both bacterial and air-borne). Soon, the disease no longer affects humans or other creatures on the planet, because all those who were able to catch it, died.

    Now the year is 2023, and the survivors have found life has taken a turn for the worst. But in wake of this tragedy, they all have a chance to remake the world’s society, new laws, new governments, and a new world. All they have to do is find one another. So, the quest to find new life begins. Who will be the new leaders of the new world, or will they still be doomed to the life led before the plague hit? You have a chance to change the world. One man, can stitch hate or love within the world; what impression do you want to make?

    This means that not only would you have the chance to restart your life, but everything wrong in the world, can be redone.

    This roleplay is not about purging life at all. It's about what people would do if the world finally stopped fighting, etc. Creating anew, with heavy hearts of course.

    Was playing with this idea in my mind and thought it'd make either a great short story or a wonderful roleplay.
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  2. It seems like a nice idea... However if the story progresses to that point, we do need a back-story on how this plague came to be... Perhaps a sort of bio-weapon?
  3. That could work. I was thinking that it was the dawn of WWIII, and someone came up with the disease in a secret lab intent on selling it to the government, but it was knocked over and the guy who made it spread it after going to the hospital. That would create a place of origin, but eh what can you do
  4. you guys have a lovely banner. xD
  5. I'd be reasonably interested in this. Great banner by the way. Such a beautiful gradient.
  6. I for one think this is a real nifty idea.
  7. Sounds good to me. Just I personally like the mystery of not knowkng which can lead to different beliefs according to different characters.
  8. Ok, so is this like normal roleplays, where you just control 1 or a few character individually? Really, I think I'd be more up for a group thing, where your application or whatever is that of a group. Not a whole lot, but say 15 or so, with a few of them being highlighted as main characters of a group, and you can decide whether or not to join with a different group or whatever.

    I really love roleplays where you have to strategize, build and stuff. Not just run around looking for this or that, attacking this and talking your buddy. I mean where you have a group, and you use that group to accomplish goals.
  9. I'd like to join this roleplay
  10. I wanna join! c:
  11. I'm interested.
  12. I'm interested if this is still a thing
  13. I totally forgot about this. My bad peeps. But yes, I am still going for it!

    I'd say stick with one character each until you know that you can handle more, and so everyone has the chance to chime in.

    So, everyone wants this puppy to happen? I'll make a sign up thread Monday if so.

    Please message me if you are interested in joining.
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