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What Qualities do YOU look for in friends?

As we go through life we befriend people along the way. Sometimes they turn out to be great friends, other times they turn out to be individuals we try to avoid. Do you ever stop to think about the the attributes, physical and otherwise, that YOU look for in friends?

People who I can trust. It's one of the most important things I look for. For good or for ill, I tend to look out for all my friends, and help them whenever I can. I'd rather have a friend who I can trust not to abuse my helpfulness, than one who will. Aside from that, I tend to make friends with people who share the same interests I do. Video games, reading, things like that.

Also, I look for people who can have fun, but can actually be serious when the situation calls for it. People who joke around all the time tend to be annoying, in my opinion, just like people who are always overly serious.
Most of Ela's friends are crazies she knows through the local anime club. She's got a few she's known since she was very young but doesn't have much in common with them now and rarely talks to them though she's there if they need her. Other than that, she's mostly friends with people online.

There's two exceptions to the rule, and that entire friendship is based off everyone jokingly insulting each other and ripping the piss out of each other. She's not heard from either of them for a while.
When I first meet someone, I honestly don't think about the long-term friendship. I'm more of a "what do you offer me here & now?" Can they make me laugh? Do they have a hobby similar to mine? What is it that we have in common that we can enjoy together? I look for something, anything that can connect me with the other person. I don't mind if it means that we're only light friends, the hello-goodbye-how-are-you-oh let's eat together today~ kind of friends. And if, over time, I can gradually come to better understand the person, spend more time with the person, share more memories with them & they become a close friend, that's wonderful! I think friendships, even the totally short ones that you know won't last~ like the girl you talked to at the line for the roller coaster at Six Flags or the kid that was sitting across from you in the subway when you weren't sure where to get off, are important too! Because you, as a person, as who you are, can leave yourself in that person's memory. The kind of impression you give them, the kind of feeling they get from talking to you - even if it's temporary, a kind of warmth or an energy, or a admiration, that kind of thing is like a small good deed. :]

&as for best friends, this is how my layout goes:

aquaintances - like classmates or neighbors that you talk to often.
friends - sometimes the phone, occasionally we go out.
best friends - the kind of friends you call when you want to have fun or the ones who are all over your facebook wall
biffles - the kind of friends that aren't friends, but family

Because I am generally the type of person that doesn't hide anything, I tend to make friends with everyone and trust anyone and everyone. If you ask me something personal, it's true that I might have reasons to not tell you, but if you honestly want to know, I will say. Not because I want to spread things, but because I want to be open with people, honest with them. As long as there is mutual respect, trust, and good feelings between a person & I, we will be friends for the most part.
Well-written profiles and witty MSN jokes.
Comfort and trust.

Comfort in the sense that I have to feel like I can talk to them without feeling stupid or abused, or feeling like I'm talking to a moron or humoring an asshole. I'm also not a big fan of awkward silences or forced conversations. Like with people you just can't seem to connect with when it comes to personality or lifestyles.

And then trust. I am a big believer that you should treat your friends well, because they'll be the people that are there for you when shit goes down. So I avoid the kind of people that are constantly asking me for money/favors/rantings and make me feel like the only reason they talk to me is because they want something. Those people rarely ever return the favor, cause they're always broke or too busy when it's not about them. I'm always happy to help, but I want to chillax and have fun too. ><


I really need my friends to understand that I am an INTROVERT. Yes, I enjoy socializing, but I can't do it ALL the time. Even with my favorite people that I love to death, sometimes I just need my personal space. A little me-time so I can do random Diana things or swing with different people. I get really really really uncomfortable when a person starts getting needy for my attention or mad at me cause I'm not spending enough time with them. c___c I totally understand missing me or feeling neglected, just don't get MAD at me for it. ><
The ability to say mean, hurtful, hateful things to each other & laugh about it but secretly mean it, slowly wittling away at each other's self confidence and worth until one day they crumble and break down, then they are added to your willing army as a hollow, malleable soldier to do with what you please.

It's a plus if you like mecha & videogames.
A blue collar job, and a nice pair of dancing shoes that you use to kick beer bottles with on the long drunken walk home.♦
I guess I like people that are excited about life, enjoy trying new things and that I fell comfortable in a room with. I'm loud, out going, but not good at letting people know me beyond that. Commonalities are of course nessisary, but not to the point where neither of us is exposing th other to something different.

If I come to you with a true heart problem (vs a silly rant) that's a good indication you're not getting away from my affection.