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  1. "When Victoria and Evelyn grow up a little more."
  2. "She moved on." Harmony laugh.
  3. Good Morning~ It probably be the afternoon for when we rp.
  4. I was just going to leave it pitched and have ferrara shoot it down again

    I wasn't sure if you wanted ferrara to okay it right now, versus later, versus landel initiating it on her own
  5. Hey, I was just browsing around and I noticed your status. Did something happen that I should be concerned about? I'll always be here if you need to talk / vent; I know how much it's helped me in the past. =)

    If nothing bad happened and I'm just being paranoid again I apologize - I do care for my partners, and often get concerned at any hint of being hurt in someway. I hope you understand.
  8. Well so far there seems to be interest but not enough character sheets. Plus to survive this the more the better. So even if you are thinking "meh, I'll see how it plays out" sign up and discover first hand what this is all about. A really good game will have something like 5-7 people. So let's try to make that goal.
  9. Name: Master Gunnery Sergeant Slater Rockwell

    Age: 36

    His flak jacket has a strange emblem on it.
    On his helmet is a symbol that appears to be a cross between a scope crosshairs and a peace symbol.

    Personality: Hardcore, do or die, Marine. Fortunately he's smart enough to know when to run.

    Equipment: Initially trained as a rifleman, Slater went into the required school for Smart Gun training and is fully qualified to operate and maintain them. His primary weapon is the Smart Gun with the load bearing harness. He carries spare ammunition, grenades, and an empty satchel for others to carry extra mags in.
  11. Name: Vladislav Serbosnich (what, you think all marines are american?)

    Age: 34

    although he obviously wears standard Marine Attire. his Flak vest features a red star, as does his helmet.

    Personality: has fought Xenomorphs before, and the though of facing them again leaves him anxious and not at all secure, seing as he was the sole survivor of the last encounter.
    Vladislav will fight to the death against humans and most other threats, with Xenos however, he prefers to perform a fighting retreat, and wishes that these missions were conducted by blasting the entire planet from orbit rather than throwing marines at their deaths.

    Equipment: despite having advanced marksman and sniper rilfe training, as well as basic smartgun training, Vladisklav prefers his Pulse rifle and its grenade launcher. he especially favors the grenade launcher and hand grenades.

    Pulse Rifle with ammunition.
    hand grenades.
    pulse rifle intregal underslung grenade launcher grenades.
    combat knife.
    full marine flak armor.
    assorted other odds and ends, dog tags etc.
  12. Hey all, I can't find an IC for this rp...have things kicked off yet or are we waiting for more players?